Why Lauren Conrad's Desire to Have Kids Changed After Meeting Husband William Tell

Lauren Conrad revealed that she wasn't always sure she wanted to be a mom, but her priorities shifted when she met her husband, William Tell. Hear what changed her mind.

By Ashley Joy Parker May 03, 2022 9:28 PMTags
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For a long time, Lauren Conrad 's future was unwritten, ending unplanned.

Fast-forward to today, she's the proud mom to two kids, but the 36-year-old recently admitted that her maternal clock wasn't always ticking.

"When I was young, I just assumed that's kind of what you do," she said about the idea of having children on the May 3 episode of the Perelel Lives podcast. "I was not sure I was open to it. At that age, like 25, I was like, I don't know if I need to be a mom." 

But once she fell in love with her husband William Tell, 42, Lauren's mindset began to shift.

"I wanted to have a family with him and I wanted to have kids with him," she shared. "Maybe that's what I was unsure of before. I just hadn't found a partner who I was really excited to start a family with, so I think that was it for me."

She continued, "I think kids are a little bit of magic. They bring a little magic to your life."

Lauren Conrad and William Tell: Romance Rewind

The former star of The Hills and the former Something Corporate guitarist met on a blind date set up by friends on Valentine's Day in 2012 and tied the knot two years later. Together they have two sons: Liam James, 4, and Charlie Wolf, 2.


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"My husband and I always wanted two kids," she shared. "I really wanted a sibling for my first son."

However, Lauren admitted she wasn't "someone who loved being pregnant."

"I wasn't one of those people who like loved the glow, " she said. "With my first one, I was like, 'Oh gosh, I gotta do this again.' But with my second one, I really tried to enjoy each thing. It made it easier being like, 'I'm not gonna do this again.'"

Adjusting to mom life was also a challenge for the Laguna Beach alum, revealing that she felt like she "lost" herself after the birth of her first child.

IG:@valoriedarling/ Valorie Darling

"I was like, 'I don't know when I'm gonna get back,'" she recalled. "Like, ‘am I just a new human now?‘"

She said it took "about a year" for her to feel like herself again, pointing out that a friend assured her that she would eventually become someone "even better."

"'You made a human, you're taking care of them, and it's a new-and-improved,'" Lauren remembered hearing. "And she was right. It took about a year for me to feel like myself again."

These days, Lauren—who runs a lifestyle brand that includes her nonprofit shop The Little Market, her fashion line with Kohl's and more—has struck a comfortable work-life balance, but her No. 1 priority will always be her family.

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"I work from the home office. I take my son to school every day. I have lunch with my kids every day," she explained. "I'm so lucky to be able to have this flexibility, but I was able to create what balance looked like for me. That was spending as much time with my kids, not missing out."

She added, "That's why I worked really, really hard years ago because I'm putting in the time now." 

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