Summer House's Season 6 Reunion Trailer Reveals a Shocking Hookup & More Austen Kroll Drama

Bravo host Andy Cohen and the cast of Summer House break down all the season six drama in the first look at the two-part reunion special, which begins May 9.

By Paige Strout May 02, 2022 7:45 PMTags

Season six of Summer House may be almost over, but the drama is just heating up.

Bravo host Andy Cohen and the cast of the hit reality series are ready to break it all down on the show's two-part reunion—which begins May 9—and the first look trailer promises lots of must-see moments and bombshell revelations.

The trailer's biggest surprise comes from Ciara Miller, who was wrapped up in drama with Lindsay Hubbard throughout the season regarding their feelings toward Winter House co-star Austen Kroll. Given that she seemed more upset at Hubbard and the rest of cast about the summer's events, Cohen asks Miller at the reunion, "Why were you more upset with them than Austen?"

She tells the host, "He did get an earful off of camera," which Hubbard follows up with a bombshell question: "Is that when you guys hooked up?"

Stunned, Cohen responds, telling Miller, "I'm super surprised to hear you hooked up with him after all that."

Summer House Season 6 Reunion Looks

Not everyone in the house understands the fuss over Kroll, especially Alex Wach, who throws in a quick jab at the Southern Charm star, saying, "I don't understand why you're fighting so much for literally, like, the Honda Civic of male attractiveness."

Despite Hubbard's lingering feelings for Kroll, she ended the season with co-star Carl Radke, though not everyone is a fan of that relationship, either.

"No one in the house seems to like photos of you and Carl," Cohen tells Hubbard. "Why do you think that is? That's interesting."

With many more jaw-dropping moments in store—Paige DeSorbo comparing the house to a "brothel," Danielle Olivera confronting Miller about their fight, which resulted in her being hit by a wine glass, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's relationship struggles—this year's reunion is sure to send fans on a wild ride.

Check out the full trailer above.

Part one of the Summer House season six reunion special premieres Monday, May 9 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Part two will air at the same time on Monday, May 16.

Fans can catch up on past seasons now on Peacock ahead of tonight's season finale.

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