13 Crystals and Accessories to Help You Handle "Significant Change" From May 15's Total Lunar Eclipse

The total lunar eclipse on May 15 may bring a "significant change" in your life, according to crystal expert Xicalli Garcia. Shop from crystals, tools and accessories to help you navigate the eclipse.

By Lindsay Weinberg May 02, 2022 7:30 PMTags
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We included these products chosen by Xicalli Garcia because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. Some of the products shown are from House of Intuition, where Xicalli is a paid employee. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

In the words of TikTok's astrology star Maren Altman, the upcoming lunar eclipse is going to be "f--king intense."

Between last month's partial solar eclipse and the upcoming total lunar eclipse on May 15, "the eclipses are going to be really intense for especially Taurus and Scorpio," she told her 1.2 million followers in a recent video. Specifically, she said, "It's volume down for Scorpio placements," noting that it's all about letting go, cutting cords and releasing attachment. "The Scorpio part of your chart is like letting go, be more open."

House of Intuition's crystal expert Xicalli Garcia explains that the total lunar eclipse—or Blood Moon, which will be visible in most continents, including North America—will be moving in the sign of Scorpio and, opposite of the moon, will be the sun in Taurus. While Taurus rules what you physically possess alone in this world, Scorpio rules what is shared, including finances, she notes.

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"Their differences will bring out the conflict of 'what is yours' and 'what is shared,'" Garcia tells E! News, adding that it's a time to question if you're giving too much of yourself to your job or your relationship.

"The universe will restore all of what you may have lost or take all that you have wrongfully gained," she says. "This imbalance will be deeply felt because our emotions will be hypersensitive." 

Here's how you can navigate the total lunar eclipse on May 15-16 with these crystals, accessories and other tools. 

Your Intuition Led You Here by Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas

During this lunar eclipse, it's important to ask for clarity as the emotions intensify and then re-evaluate what is valuable for our growth, Garcia says. "If you are ready to begin a new phase, you can honor that with a ritual to harness the potent energies and transform your life."

She recommends Your Intuition Led You Here by Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas, which has a ritual called Box Spell For Releasing and Letting Go on page 231. "Eclipses do bring out crises, so a significant change can happen," she explains. "It's time to reassess, regenerate and make way for a new sense of balance to take place. You should be mindful of how you can resolve this conflict because destruction is highly possible and might be necessary."

Chytha Tumbles

In this eclipse season, Garcia notes that serpentine can assist us in being flexible: "This stone will help shed the old and align ourselves to a new balance state." Try this chytha tumble, which is serpentine and green jade.

The Stone Sanctuary Serpentine Tower

Serpentine also assists in the retrieval of wisdom and can help to regain memory of past lives, according to The Stone Sanctuary.

Serpentine Bracelet

You can also keep the stone close with beaded bracelets.

Rainbow Moonstone Tumble

According to Garcia, serpentine goes hand-in-hand with rainbow moonstone to help "tune into our emotions and surrender to the energies at play." The crystal expert shares with E! News, "Rainbow moonstone is the illuminating light the full moon embodies and will spread that light even on the darkest path. This stone allows us to tune into our intuition and grant us mental clarity and comfort for the unknown." 

Moonstone Palm Stone

Or embrace the energy with this beautiful palm stone, featuring a blue flash.

Rainbow Moonstone Sphere

Or spheres ranging in size from 30 millimeters to 110 millimeters in diameter. Notes shop owner Indian Crystal Goods, "It's a great stone for anyone experiencing blockages and trouble moving out of a state of negativity." 

Taurus Silver Signet Ring

Celebrate the last few days of Taurus season with this sterling silver and bronze ring, featuring the Taurus bull and intricate celestial signs around the band.

Astatula Moon Intention Candle

This piece from Astatula Candle Co. is meant to be used to set intentions, especially during New or Full Moon ceremonies. The altar candle can help bring attention to "working with your dreams, your intuitive and psychic natures, your inner selves, emotional landscape and the cycles of your life."


Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

These unique crescent-shaped necklaces pay tribute to both the shape of the moon and harness the power of the rainbow moonstone. They are available in sterling silver, gold-filled or rose gold-filled.

Rainbow Moonstone Studs

Or wear the trinkets on your ears with these wire-wrapped moonstone studs. They are also available in 14-karat gold filled, 14-karat rose gold filled or solid sterling silver.

Lunar Calendar 2022 Watercolor Print

Decorate your home with a print of the lunar calendar, which was originally hand-painted in watercolor by the artist in Berkshire mountains. The 2022 version is now available in the size 12.5 inches by 12.5 inches.

Silver Lunar Cycle Necklace

The dainty and edgy piece of jewelry makes for a chic addition to your witchy wardrobe.

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