What Relationship Advice Would Steve Harvey Give Michael B. Jordan? He Says...

Family Feud host Steve Harvey went Down in the DMs with E! News, chatting about his new fashion icon status as well as giving an update on Michael B. Jordan's romance with his daughter.

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Steve Harvey has nothing but (tough) love for Michael B. Jordan.

The Family Feud host was asked what advice he would give to the Black Panther star about dating his youngest daughter, Lori, on the latest episode of E! News' digital video series Down in the DMs.

"I'm not gonna help him," Harvey said. "He's gonna have to earn it." Ouch!

Despite his protective stance, Harvey had kind words to share about Jordan, saying that he's "a nice guy" and "very respectful."

"Relationships are hard, especially, they're young," he said. "They're in a Hollywood-type relationship, and I'm cheering for them."

The actor isn't the only MJ who looks up to Harvey, as the host revealed that NBA legend Michael Jordan used to turn to him for fashion inspiration years ago.

"I was talking to Magic [Johnson] and Michael Jordan one time, they said, ‘Man, we should watch you at night on Showtime at the Apollo to see what you was gonna wear, and we go out and get it made,'" Harvey shared. And while fancy suits may be his signature look, he has quickly become a style icon thanks to his stylist, Elly Karamoh.

Watch a brand new episode of E! News' digital video series Down in the DMs every Thursday on E!'s YouTube.

"My wife [Marjorie Harvey] tells me all the time, ‘Don't let this new little modeling career go to your head. Everybody calling you ‘Zaddy' and all that. Don't let that go to your head,'" he said about his model-like pics on Karamoh's Instagram. "She'd say, ‘I'm still the cutie in this house.'"

Having hosted Family Feud for more than a dozen seasons, Harvey has heard many memorable answers from contestants over the years. But he shared that the most shocking one came from NFL player Bruce Smith on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud.

"The question was, ‘‘If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace his hook with what tool?'" Smith's answer: "A penis."

As for which famous family he would like to see play the new Family Feud Gamestar+ game? None other than the Kardashians.

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"I love the buzz when they come on the show. There's 60 people with them," he said about the famous family's past appearance on the game show. "They brought a whole new energy to the show. Each one of them got their own makeup artist, their own hair person. Each one of the kids got a nanny. Each one of the kids got a security guard. They got a security guard."

He even joked that "Kanye had a nanny," before stating, "[I] wasn't supposed to say that."

Find out Harvey's favorite Family Feud blooper and more in the full episode above.

Gamestar+—the world's first interactive streaming social gaming platform—has announced the launch of Family Feud, featuring host and Gamestar+ cofounder Steve Harvey, available exclusively at Target stores nationwide.

Watch a brand new episode of E! News' digital video series Down in the DMs every Thursday on E!'s YouTube.