See What Has Nikki Glaser Questioning Her Move to St. Louis on Welcome Home Nikki Glaser

By Allison Crist Apr 28, 2022 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Glaser's Mom Experiences INSANE SWAT Prank

Home sweet home? Not so much.

In this sneak peek clip of the Sunday, May 1 episode of Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?, the comedian—who's still settling in after moving back to her hometown of St. Louis—gets some pretty scary news: Her mom was swatted.

"[It's] when someone calls in a false emergency," Nikki tells her roommate, Andrew, "Bottom line is, my mom was home alone and a cop showed up thinking that I was there with a bunch of guns and drugs and that I was sold into sex slavery or something."

Thankfully, none of those things are true. But Nikki is rightfully freaked out.

"Since moving back to my hometown of St. Louis," the stand-up comic explains, "I have this false sense of safety that, until my mom was swatted, I didn't realize was completely delusional because there's direct flights to St. Louis. Any time of day!"

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Plus, Nikki jokes, "As a comedian, if someone wants to murder you, it's not that hard. You just go to my show. You might have to pay 75 bucks..."

To which Andrew interjects, "That's a small price to pay to kill you!"


Ultimately, Nikki has nothing to worry about. Why? Her full-proof safety system.

"I will sprint to my car in a dark parking lot because the second I feel like someone could get me, I start running," she says. "I like to give the illusion I'm already being chased. So if someone's like, 'I wanna get her,' they'd be like 'Oh, she's taken.'"

Watch the complete sneak peek in the above clip, and don't miss the premiere of E!'s Welcome Home Nikki Glaser on Sunday, May 1.