Olivia Wilde Receives Jason Sudeikis’ Custody Papers Onstage at CinemaCon

After Olivia Wilde received a mystery envelope while speaking onstage at CinemaCon, the contents of the envelope have been revealed to be custody papers from Jason Sudeikis.

By Kelly Gilmore Apr 28, 2022 12:52 AMTags
Watch: Olivia Wilde SERVED With Custody Papers While Onstage

The contents inside the envelope have been revealed.

Olivia Wilde received an envelope marked "personal and confidential" from an unidentified woman while speaking onstage at CinemaCon on April 26, and now the contents of the mystery mail have been identified. Olivia was given custody papers by her ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis, a source tells E! News.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Olivia was onstage speaking about her upcoming movie, Don't Worry Darling. Then in an unscripted turn of events, an unknown woman appeared onstage to give Olivia a manila envelope.

"This is for me?" Olivia asked the woman, per the outlet. "Is this for me?"

Olivia reportedly opened the delivery and after looking at the first page of its contents, thanked the woman and continued her presentation without addressing the matter.

The legal papers were related to the jurisdiction of Jason and Olivia's son Otis, 8, and daughter Daisy, 5, the source told E! News.

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However, the insider shared that Jason had "no prior knowledge" about when or how the papers were going to be handed to his ex-fiancée. The source added, "He would never condone her being served in such an inappropriate manner."

E! News confirmed in November 2020 that Olivia and Jason had ended their seven-year engagement after almost 10 years together.

Back in July 2021, a separate source exclusively told E! News that Jason and Olivia's relationship as co-parents is "a work in progress," adding that "they are figuring it out as they go."

"She wants to make co-parenting work and will do what it takes," the second source said of Olivia. "She tries just keep the peace. She knows she is a great mom and will always do what's best for her kids."

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Since their split, Olivia has found herself in a new romance with Harry Styles—who is costarring in her Don't Worry Darling film alongside Florence Pugh.

The second source said last summer that while Olivia has moved on, she is determined to have an amicable relationship with Jason for their family

"She knows Jason will be a part of her life forever and that it's important for the kids that they have a solid relationship," the second insider said. "She does whatever she can to make that happen."

E! News has reached out to Jason and Olivia's reps for comment.