Earth Day: Entourage’s Adrian Grenier Gives Tour Inside His Eco-Friendly Home

Adrian Grenier exclusively showed E! News how his Texas property makes use of the land in eco-friendly ways, from composting to a medicine wheel.

By Steven Vargas Apr 22, 2022 10:17 PMTags

Adrian Grenier is showing how he makes every day Earth Day in his eco-friendly home.

The Entourage star exclusively gave E! News an inside look of the property outside of Austin, Texas.

"I started working with this piece of land about a year and a half ago," he told E! News' Daily Pop. "And I just want to show you a couple of features that I'm working on to not only help the Earth, but also my own sense of self-reliance and resilience."

The property includes a medicine wheel where various medicinal plants and herbs are grown in a specific circle on the land. Adrian shared, "When we're taking responsibility for ourselves and our wellness, we can start to utilize all of the natural ingredients from the earth that will heal us and make us healthy."

One of the smaller, yet impactful parts of Adrian's routine laundry detergent without plastic packaging. Instead of coming in pods or containers, the detergent is compacted into tablets. The tablets are also non-toxic, which is important for the greywater system, which takes gently-used water from laundry and showers, and transports it all to a garden.

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"All the water from the laundry exits here, out into the food forest," he said. "So all of this is food. It's fruits, it's nuts, it's edibles. So of course we don't want anything toxic going into the earth."

Another way the home utilizes water is through the rainwater catchment which Adrian said "is the most environmentally friendly form of drinking water."

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for CoinGeek

Like most eco-friendly homes, Adrian's property composts waste into "beautiful regenerative soil for the garden—for the land."

In every load of laundry and rain shower, Adrian makes life at home an Earth Day celebration.

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