Queer Eye's Bobby Berk Shares the Eco-Friendly Items That Are Always in His Bag

In celebration of Earth Day, Queer Eye star Bobby Berk revealed the eco-friendly products he always keeps in his toiletry bag.

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We interviewed Bobby Berk because we think you'll like his picks. Some of the products shown are from a brand he is paid to endorese. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

On Earth Day and beyond, everyone can make a difference.

It's a reminder Queer Eye star Bobby Berk hopes to pass along to his followers hoping to be more eco-friendly when they go about their daily life. 

"Being in the home and the building industry, the building industry is one of the most wasteful industries out there," Bobby told E! News. "We create a lot of waste, unfortunately, while building homes. So, I try to be as eco-conscious as possible in every other aspect of my life and make those choices that kind of counteract the industry that I'm in." 

Bobby is teaming up with Sensodyne to introduce Nourish: a sustainable toothpaste that delivers on product efficacy. It's one of the many essentials he has in his sustainable toiletry bag. Keep reading to see more of his favorite items.

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2-Pack Upgraded 5000mAh Portable Handheld Fan

"Whether traveling or not, I always carry a little portable handheld fan because I'm always hot," Bobby revealed. This set of two has more than 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon

Sensodyne Nourish Healthy White Sensitive Toothpaste

"I've always been very into my oral health. I didn't have a cavity until after 30!" Bobby said. "During season 3 of Queer Eye though (due to my increased coffee intake), my dentist recommended Sensodyne to aide my tooth sensitivity. I've now returned to indulging in my coffee—hot and cold— without wincing! I've recently partnered with the brand on their launch of Nourish, which I'm thrilled about because it has a first fully recyclable tube— the first from the brand! Any time I can reduce waste, I'm in, but to know product efficacy isn't sacrificed (especially when it comes to oral care) in the process is super important to me."

Hunter Toiletry Bag

"I take this on the road, on set, in the air—you name it," Bobby shared. "My toiletry bag is beside me and stacked with my essentials."

Jisulife Mini Portable Humidifier

"While shooting, I'm always traveling and find myself having to adjust to the different levels of humidity," Bobby said. "To stay refreshed no matter where I sleep, I travel with a portable small portable humidifier. You can stick it in a water bottle—I'm always using my own reusable water bottle—to help you. I wake up refreshed despite the climate."

Mumi Pill Pouches, Set of 8

"I take a lot of vitamins and I used to always, when I don't want to carry the bottle, put them in plastic bags," Bobby shared. "Now I found these reusable bags! They're made from a kind of rubber or a latex, and so it's something I can use thousands of times and that way I'm not wasting plastic bags."

Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo

"This goes back to sustainable because the more dry shampoo you can use, the less water you have to use washing your hair!"

Que Collapsible 20-Ounce Bottle

"I find that when you only have one of the metal bottles, you often don't bring it because it takes up too much space in your bag or you forget it," Bobby said. "But if you have one of the small collapsible ones that are refillable, you'll often use it more because it's not taking up too much space in your bag, and it's not heavy."

Versed Skin Firm Ground Body Lotion

With pure retinol, nourishing cocoa butter and moisture-replenishing squalane, this body lotion repairs more than dryness. It helps firm skin, smooth texture, heal body acne and brighten hyperpigmentation. Bobby loves to use when he's home or traveling. 

Vndeful 10-Piece Reusable Plastic Empty Travel Cosmetic Soft Tubes

"I always carry hand lotion with me because I have dry hands," Bobby said. "And I love Firm Ground Retinol Body Lotion and fill my smaller, reusable bottle so I'm not having to buy new little bottles consistently and creating unnecessary waste."

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