Get to Know the Cast of E!'s New Series Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?

By Paige Strout Apr 29, 2022 2:00 PMTags
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You know the Kardashians. Now, get ready to fall in love with the newest reality TV family on E!.

Comedian Nikki Glaser is saying "goodbye" to Hollywood and "hello" to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, in her new E! reality series, Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?, which premieres May 1.

After living with her parents—mom Julie and dad EJ—during the COVID-19 pandemic, Glaser is moving out of her childhood home and into a place of her own with fellow comedian, roommate, friend and The Nikki Glaser Podcast co-host Andrew Collin.

Returning home also means reconnecting with old friends, as Glaser will reunite with her childhood BFF Kerstin Robertson, along with her ex-boyfriend Chris Convy, who took a page out of Glaser's book by moving back to the Gateway of the West.

In honor of the show's premiere, get to know the cast of Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? in the gallery below.

Celebrities From St. Louis, Missouri

Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? premieres May 1 at 10 p.m. on E!.

Nikki Glaser

Best-known for stand-up comedy, Nikki Glaser is no stranger to the big and small screen, having appeared in movies and TV shows such as Trainwreck, FBoy Island, Nikki & Sara Live and multiple Comedy Central celebrity roasts, along with hosting The Nikki Glaser Podcast. Not to mention, she has an adorable pup named Luigi!

Julie Glaser

If there's one thing Glaser's mother Julie loves more than her daughter—or her pup Marion—it's a good bargain, often found browsing the aisles of Goodwill for a good deal.

EJ Glaser

In the series premiere, Nikki jokes that her father EJ was "such a good dad that he f***ed me up," joking, "No man has ever loved me as much as my dad does."

Andrew Collin

Stand-up comedian Andrew Collin and Glaser have been friends ever since she met him during his days as a dog-walker. He serves as Glaser's co-host on The Nikki Glaser Podcast and is her apartment roomie in St. Louis.

Chris Convy

Glaser and her ex-boyfriend Chris Convy first met while working on Nikki & Sara Live in New York and have been on-again, off-again for years. Since he moved back to their shared hometown, the two began to rekindle their relationship, as Convoy jokes in the series premiere that they've agreed to be "officially unofficial."

Kerstin Robertson

Glaser first met Kerstin Roberston back in the fourth grade after her impression of a hamster made her crack up in during class. Looks like these childhood best friends share the same sense of humor!