Why Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev's Wedding Planning Is at a Standstill

By Spencer Lubitz, Allison Crist Apr 18, 2022 7:32 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev GET REAL About Wedding Planning

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev aren't quite ready to rumble. 

The Total Bellas couple gave E! News' Daily Pop an update on their upcoming nuptials in the DIRECTV Space at Neon Carnival 2022, revealing that "not very much" of their wedding is planned despite the rapidly approaching big day. "We know our venue," Nikki said, "and we have a lot of 'wants'—or I have a lot of 'wants.'"

Neither Nikki nor her Dancing With the Stars fiancé have announced the exact date they plan to say "I do," but Nikki did tells fans earlier this month that they can expect a fall 2022 ceremony.

In the meantime, she and Artem will be busy planning—a process she compared to moving: "You know when you get into arguments when you move? It's like someone moves a box weird and people get frustrated. I feel like sometimes that's how we get when we're wedding planning."

The way Artem sees it, he and Nikki both just like what they like—and don't like backing down.

Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev's Cutest Pics

"I feel like both of us have certain ideas that we want and we're not really willing to give up and just take someone's lead on it," Artem told Daily Pop, crediting his own stubbornness to his career as a choreographer. "I like to choreograph certain things, like when you walk in, you probably should see this and that. And it's becoming a little bit tough with Nicole because she's very strongly opinionated about what she wants. We just need to find a middle ground."

Greg Doherty/Getty Images for DIRECTV

Perhaps a nice Mother's Day gift will sweeten the deal? Artem assured Nikki "there are plans" for the upcoming holiday, but he wouldn't reveal them quite yet.

Just in case he needs to, erm, flesh out those plans, she made sure to remind him of her affinity for diamonds and Louis Vuitton. "You all heard it here!" Nikki joked. 

The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Matteo, in July 2020. In fact, it was his birth that changed Nikki's opinion on marriage. As she exclusively revealed on Daily Pop in February, "Once I had Matteo and I started to raise him, I was like, when I say 'I do,' I want to make sure it's forever...but also, overall, I don't want my son to go through a divorce." 

Now she's just excited for the 20-month-old to experience the big day alongside his parents—even if it makes him a little jealous. "Anytime we're at the house when I'm hugging Artem or I'm kissing Artem," Nikki said, "Matteo comes and pulls us apart and then he gives me big squeezes."

Hear more from Nikki and Artem in the above E! News' Daily Pop interview.

Scroll down to relive Nikki and Artem's cutest pics.

A Different Sort of Smooch

Long before the two paired up in real life, Nikki Garcia and Artem Chigvintsev were dance partners during DWTS' 25th season back in 2017. Here, Artem kisses the Garcia twin's hand for a promotional shot.

Sunday Fun Day

Just weeks before the pair would go on to publicly confirm their romance, Artem made several appearances on Nikki's Instagram Story and Instagram Live videos before and during Total Bellas. Why?

Nikki explained that Artem would be joining her in live tweeting the episode, though that wasn't the only reason for his social media cameo. "I have a special guest who had a really fun Sunday fun day with me," she told fans in the Live video, before explaining they spent the afternoon enjoying ramen and non-alcoholic beer together.

Messing Around

Artem followed Nikki's adorable Instagram post with one of his own the following the day. The scenic shot showed a giddy-looking Nikki smiling and covering Artem's face while his arm was wrapped sweetly around her waist. 

It's Official!

Trailing Total Bellas' fourth season finale, the WWE star took to Instagram Sunday night, March 24, with an adorable snapshot that saw her planting a sweet kiss on the DWTS pro's cheek.

The photo seemed to reemphasize what the final moments of Sunday's episode already confirmed: that Nikki and Artem are, in fact, doing the romance thing.

"Well after that season finale," she wrote in the post's caption, adding that her and Artem's relationship is the "first thing I'll be talking about" during Wednesday's upcoming episode of The Bellas Podcast. Stay tuned!

Wine Time

Artem and Nikki held hands during a daytime date in Washington, D.C.

Breakfast With the Fam

Nikki's twin sister Brie Bella posted this cute pic of herself and daughter Birdie grabbing breakfast with the couple in April 2019.

Dog Pile

Nikki and Artem snuggled in bed with her pup Winston.

Disney Date

Nikki and Artem cuddle up while in Disney with Brie and her husband Bryan Danielson.

Podcast Official

Artem made his first appearance on the Garcia's podcast in May 2019 and the lovebirds didn't shy away from talking about their relationship.

Music Fest Lovefest

The couple shared a sweet moment in the crowd at the BottleRock music festival. 

BottleRock Babes

Artem and Nikki enjoy a weekend getaway to in Napa, Califa.

Birthday Boy

"Happy Birthday to a man who not only makes my face smile, but my heart," Nikki wrote in a tribute to Artem in June 2019. "You're a special one Mr. Chigvintsev! Your relaxing, calm, patient, kind, happy energy and aura is contagious! You truly are the kindest soul I have ever met. Thank you for bringing a lot of sunshine into my life."


Nikki planted a sweet kiss on Arten during a selfie.

Hands Off

The pair snapped a "hands free 10 second selfie."


Artem sweept Nikki off her feet! "Lake Tahoe makes my soul smile & my inner child come out and play!" she wrote on Instagram.

Picture Perfect

Nikki and Artem's Lake Tahoe photo shoot was hotter than the weather on 4th of July. 

Desert Selfie

Nikki and Artem soaked up some sun in the desert.

Mexicali Memories

Artem joined Nikki and Brie on a trip to Mexicali as the twins tried to reunite with their estranged father. 


Nikki snuck in a selfie amid her attempt to "seduce my way into getting a foot massage."

Chilling At The Lake

The pair spent quality family time together during a trip to Lake Tahoe in August 2021.

New Beginning

Nikki took to Instagram in August 2019 to share a message about her "new beginning" with Artem.

"As I start a new amazing journey with @totalbellas and my life, my @theartemc is starting the same," the retired WWE star wrote. "And I am so excited for him to be on this journey with me. I'm thankful for him to showcase his life, love, ups and downs not only for me but for my Bella Army and my Total Bellas viewers."

Vote For Artem!

Nikki encouraged the Bella Army to vote for Artem and his DWTS partner, Melora Hardin, with the adorable pic.

Couple Goals

Being a supportive wife, Nikki encouraged fans to vote for Artem and partner Heidi D'Amelio on Dancing With the Stars with this cute photo.


Let happy hour for the hardworking couple commence!


Seriously, could they get any cuter?

Together Forever

Nikki and her "4 lifer," as she put it in the caption of this October snap.

Poppin' Bottles

Champagne time.

A Bella Birthday

Artem shared this pic on Nikki's birthday.

"I want to wish the happiest birthday to my beautiful and definitely better other half," he captioned the post. "you are my rock, you have been absolutely incredible as a mom to Matteo and I am so lucky to have you. I want to wish you lots of success, love and happiness and everything you wish for yourself. I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you to celebrate."




Home Is Wherever I'm With You

"mi casa," Nikki wrote alongside this sweet selfie.


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