Real Housewives' Karen Huger Dishes on New Special and Her Daughter Possibly Joining RHOP

Will Karen Huger’s daughter Rayvin join her on The Real Housewives of Potomac? Find out what the star said when she discussed the show and her new two-part special with E! News.

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Watch: RHOP's Karen Huger Dishes on New Special & Succession Plan

Karen Huger is keeping it all in the family.

The Real Housewives of Potomac fan-favorite stars in her own two-part special, Karen's Grande Dame Reunion, premiering April 17 on Bravo. 

With husband Ray and daughter Rayvin by her side, Karen heads home to Surry County, Virginia. But it's not all fun and games. Karen and her extended family of cousins, aunts and other relatives must decide on succession plans for the family's 82-acre estate. 

It provided the opportunity for conversations not only about the land itself, but the deeper matters at the core of the family's heritage. 

"At this time in our country, when we're encouraged not to talk about Black history, we were honored, as a Black family, to talk about Black history," Karen told E! News. "Not only talk about it, but talk about the plan to move forward. How do we keep this wonderful land of ours alive for the next 100 years? It was a poignant moment and it couldn't have come at a better time. It needs to be spoken about more."

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The trip home provided even greater historical context for Karen and her family, as they confirmed via historical ledgers that their ancestors had been slaves.

Karen transformed the knowledge into power. 

"What I learned lifted us and empowered us even more. We knew we were bad. We knew we were something special. We just didn't know how special we were," Karen told E!. "Slavery didn't tarnish that. It actually ignited us and we were able to repurpose that. When you know from whence you come, there's no stopping you."

It was an especially powerful experience to share with her daughter Rayvin, 24.

"One thing I do very well is raise my children and my daughter really wanted to dig deeper into her heritage," Karen said. "She wanted everything beyond fable that we've heard. I learned a lot on this journey, as well. I think parents have a responsibility to educate and I don't care how old your children are."

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Karen and her family, including Ray and Rayvin, celebrated the premiere of Grande Dame Reunion at Air Restaurant and Lounge in D.C. on April 16.

Rayvin is a natural on camera, which only led us to ponder: would she ever follow in her mother's footsteps and make the transition to Real Housewives?

"Anything's possible! If it's the right time and she wants to do it, she wouldn't shy away from it," Karen told E!. "That child is not afraid of the mic nor the TV. She's extremely comfortable and very intelligent. It's a decision she will make when the time comes."

We've seen sisters on the Real Housewives franchise before (Kim Richards yelling "you stole my goddamn house!" comes to mind), but what about a mother and daughter?

"Oh, Lord. You know, I won't rule it out. I won't rule anything out," Karen said. "It's really interesting she has it in her genes like that. I'm open to all and every opportunity that is good for my family that lifts us and empowers us and moves us to the next level."

While we fantasize about Karen and Rayvin going toe-to-toe with Gizelle and Robyn, get your fix of the Hugers when part one of The Real Housewives of Potomac: Karen's Grande Dame Reunion airs April 17 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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