Find Out Whether Melania Trump’s Story Will Be Told on The First Lady

The First Lady showrunner Cathy Schulman recently discussed whether former First Lady Melania Trump's story will be included in the Showtime series. See what she had to say here!

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Attention Hollywood actresses: Start working on your Slovenian accents!

Season one of Showtime's The First Lady hasn't premiered yet, but that hasn't stopped us from thinking about future seasons. In a recent interview, series showrunner Cathy Schulman revealed that there's no doubt in her mind that a storyline about former First Lady Melania Trump (a native of Slovenia) will make its way onto the show. But, we may need to way a bit.

"I don't know about season two but I'm dying to do Melania," she told Variety in an interview. "She will be in this show."

Schulman continued, "I think we need to examine each and every aspect of what's happened in those White House walls and she's part of it."

So what would the former fashion model's season entail? Schulman says it could revolve around "the most unlikely to end up" in the White House.

"Personally, I think she'd be a really interesting person to look at in that season," Schulman says.

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Schulman already has her eyes on the next three women she'd like to cover.

"Right now, I'm in a very big deep dive into Abigail Adams and obsessing for some reason," Schulman revealed, "But we'll look for a theme that drives the next season." Schulman is especially interested in exploring "patriotism," she said.

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Season one of The First Lady, which premieres April 17, follows Michelle Obama (Viola Davis), Betty Ford (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Eleanor Roosevelt (Gillian Anderson) as they undertake the role of being the most important lady in the land.

And Schulman says the theme of this season was "voice," specifically "women finding their voice in this unusual job that pushes them behind the man."

Watch these three women revolutionize the role of the First Lady when the series premieres April 17 on Showtime.

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