Kaley Cuoco Weighs In on The Flight Attendant's Future

Ahead of The Flight Attendant's season two debut, Kaley Cuoco discussed the future of the HBO Max series, premiering April 21.

By Cydney Contreras Apr 14, 2022 7:25 PMTags

Kaley Cuoco is ready to sit back and relax after filming season two of The Flight Attendant, but is this just a layover before production starts again?

Well, the HBO Max star isn't so sure the series needs to rush into a third season. "I could see it," she told Glamour. "[But] let's let it sit for a minute."

Of course, she enjoys playing a flight attendant turned CIA asset, but she needs to know if fans are interested in seeing another leg of Cassie Bowden's journey. "If they do [want it], I would highly consider it," she said, before adding, "This was supposed to be one season and then it turned into a huge second season, and I'm so grateful."

If the actress sounds unsure, there's a good reason. As she put it, "I also just ended it, like, seven seconds ago. So, if I take a little bit of a breath, my mind might change. I need to land the plane."

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She said the same thing to E! News' Justin Sylvester, who pitched himself for a role on season three. "Oh dear god, slow down," she exhaled jokingly. "Can we let season two premiere first before we talk about season three?"


But who can blame Kaley for wanting to relish this moment? The actress was beloved by Big Bang Theory fans after starring on the series for 12 seasons but The Flight Attendant has introduced her to new audiences. "I guess it put me in a different light, but I was excited," she told Glamour. "I feel like my peers accepted me with open arms as this new thing. I'm known as Cassie now, not [just] Penny anymore, which is so crazy to me."

Kaley, whose role earned her two Emmy nods last year, isn't offended by the new attention though. In fact, she said it makes her laugh, joking that she's "new again and fun and shiny."

Something else that's new? Sharon Stone's role on The Flight Attendant. The Basic Instinct actress joined season two as Cassie's mother, as previewed in the trailer here!

The Flight Attendant premieres April 21 on HBO Max.

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