See Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's Sons Support Mom During Broadway Debut

Pamela Anderson made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago on April 12 with her sons Brandon and Dylan Lee—who she shares with ex Tommy Lee—cheering her on in the audience.

By Emlyn Travis Apr 14, 2022 4:21 PMTags
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Pamela Anderson made her Broadway debut with her two biggest supporters in the audience: sons Brandon and Dylan Lee.

On April 12, the Baywatch star, 54, razzle dazzled New York City's Ambassador Theater as the infamous inmate Roxie Hart in the legendary musical Chicago. In doing so, the actress realized a dream that she told E! News she's been looking forward to ever since starting rehearsals: "seeing my sons in the audience." 

She added, "They are very proud, protective and have been my biggest supporters." 

The self-described "West Coast girl," who will star as Roxie through June 5, revealed that she never imagined that she'd end up singing and dancing on Broadway.  

"I have always imagined myself as a dancer or singer (in my head), but I never thought it would be a reality," she shared. "How could I ever dream to be on Broadway? It's crazy and they are crazy for having me, but I am so grateful. It's a leap of faith."

She added, "Singing is courage, but it is also technical—a muscle—and I'm learning so much. I'm getting stronger every day." 

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So, what was it about Chicago that drew her to the stage? 

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"There is a vulnerability and strength in Roxie," she said. "I relate to that: Overcoming hard times with humor and grace, quick on her feet, being misunderstood by the press—and eventually turning even the most upside-down things into something good with heart." 

And it only makes sense that Brandon, 25, and Dylan, 24—who she shares with her Mötley Crüe rocker ex Tommy Lee—would be there to see her shine. But, while their parents have shined in the spotlight throughout their lives, Pamela shared that her kids don't need any help navigating the pressures of Hollywood. 

"My kids need no help from me in that department," she told E! News. "They have the tools they need to succeed within themselves. That's real success as a parent. They are paving their own ways and are naturals at being themselves. It's rare." 

She added, "I support their dreams. They are healthy, wise, beautiful, romantic, talented and they know they are loved." 

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