Emma Chamberlain Reveals What's in Her Kitchen

The YouTube personality dishes on her tasty new partnership and explains why everyone should have a pair of kitchen shears.

By Emily Spain Apr 13, 2022 11:45 PMTags
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If you've watched Emma Chamberlain's most recent YouTube video, you know she's innovative in the kitchen. But if you're expecting a five-course meal from her as a guest, don't hold your breath.

"My favorite thing to make for other people is nothing," Emma revealed to E!. "Here's what I like to do. I take things that I love from the store like CAVA's Spicy Hummus and my favorite types of cheese and crackers, and I like to set it out on a tray. That's how I cook for others. To be honest, I get a little nervous cooking for other people, and when I buy things pre-packaged—I feel safe."

For those who also get nervous cooking for others, the social media star's new partnership with CAVA will help you stress less over mealtime. After tweeting the mediterranean restaurant chain over a year ago, expressing her love for their spicy hummus, the two joined forces to create two limited-time menu items: Emma's Fire Bowl and Emma's Spicy Snack

While serving fans at a CAVA store in Los Angeles, Calif. this week, Emma answered our super pressing questions about all things food and fashion.

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E!: What is your favorite recipe when cooking for yourself?

EC: I recently got into cooking and some of my favorite ingredients are tahini, za'atar and all these Mediterranean ingredients. Basically anything that includes flavor profile. I just made a bowl with CAVA that I'm obsessed with. But it's so exciting because it's all of my favorite flavors that I make at home, but at a place that knows how to make them better than I could ever dream of making them.

CAVA Spicy Hummus

This irresistible hummus goes well with just about anything and adds a much-needed kick to any meal. Enjoy it with crackers, vegetables or eat it plain!

E!: Given your packed schedule, what are some of your favorite snacks to keep you going on busy days?

EC: My favorite snack for as long as I can remember is CAVA's Spicy Hummus with literally anything. It might be carrots, it might be pita chips, hard-boiled eggs, crackers or on a piece of toast. Just spicy hummus with everything. I have yet to find a better snack.

E!: Which kitchen tools or appliances do you use the most?

EC: My most-used kitchen tool would probably have to be my kitchen shears. I cut everything with them. If I make a pizza in the oven, I cut it with the scissors. If I'm making a salad, I cut up the lettuce with the scissors. If I need to open up a box, I open it with the scissors. They're not just for the kitchen, they're for my whole life. It's kind of disgusting, but I promise you I wash them in-between cooking and doing other things with them.

Acelone Kitchen Shears

Whether it's a pizza, piece of meat or fruit that needs cutting, these top-rated kitchen shears will come in handy.

E!: We are huge fans of Chamberlain Coffee, so we have to ask what your go-to coffee order is at the moment?

EC: As of right now, it's a cold brew with almond milk, but if I'm feeling spicy, it's a cortado. I've been using the Cold Brew Elephant Bags, which are basically bags of coffee you put in water overnight, then you have cold brew in the morning. I've been in a lazy mode for a year and a half, so I've been doing that for a year and a half straight.

Cold Brew Elephant - XL Cold Brew Bags

There's no better way to start off your morning than with a cup of cold brew! This organic Arabica coffee blend offers notes of dark chocolate and sweet caramel, plus a single bag makes three cups of coffee.

E!: You're such an It Girl and inspire so many trends. How has it been being a trailblazer in fashion and seeing how trends have evolved with your influence?

EC: I did not mean for people to look at my clothes and be like, "Oh, I like that." So anytime that anyone is inspired by my fashion sense in any way, I am so flattered. To be honest, when it comes to clothes, I just look at it as something that's fun and makes me feel good. Some days that might mean wearing a stained pair of sweatpants I've had for five years or sometimes it's wearing a fancy dress. I just hope that people who look at me and are like "I like her outfit," also take with them the fun of what fashion is. It's lighthearted and about expressing yourself in any way that feels best to you.

To order Emma's Fire Bowl and Spicy Snack, click here to find a CAVA location near you. Take it from us, it's really, really good!


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