Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney Shares New Details About What Led to Her Split From Tom Schwartz

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney stopped by the We Met At Acme podcast to talk all about her recent divorce filing from ex Tom Schwartz, revealing what ultimately led to their split.

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Watch: Katie Maloney Still Living With Tom Schwartz Amid Divorce

Katie Maloney is opening up about what really led to her and ex-husband Tom Schwartz's divorce.

"I really thought that we were gonna make it work," the Vanderpump Rules star said while chatting with Lindsey Metselaar on the April 10 episode of the We Met At Acme podcast. "I felt that we had overcome a lot together. I felt that we had grown together, and I thought that we would continue growing together. I was very optimistic."

But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and the Bravo star began to realize towards the end of 2021 that her relationship wasn't salvageable.

When asked if there was anything Schwartz could have done to save things, Maloney—who announced their divorce on March 23—stated that it would have required a "wakeup call [or] an epiphany" from him to make things work.

"I had been expressing my feelings and where I felt that I was not getting my needs met and where I thought I was being hurt by some of the behavior, and I don't think he understood or resonated or agreed," she shared. "I understand you can't really change a person, and I don't necessarily want to."

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney's Marriage Celebration

Maloney admitted to some of her own faults—stating that she was a "bad drunk"—but also said she put in the effort to improve herself and their relationship, something she felt Schwartz didn't do enough of in return.

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While there was no "last straw" of sorts, she claims Schwartz "didn't really do anything" after hearing her feelings on where they stood, as he believed her worries were simply something that would pass.

"I think he thought that I was just gonna get over it or something. And then—it was a couple weeks later—I had decided that I had wanted to get a divorce," she said, claiming it was the best decision for both them and herself. "I think we had both changed and grown apart and that maybe this marriage wasn't the healthiest thing for us."

And though Schwartz "didn't necessarily agree" with Maloney's decision, he didn't fight her about it.

While the two are still living together for the time being, Maloney revealed that she is ready to jump back into the dating pool. Having not been single since she was 24, the now 36-year-old is excited to meet new people "the old-fashioned way" and not through dating apps.

"You would think that after being with someone for 12 years and all of this that you would not be ready for that, but I feel like I am and would be down for all of that," she said. "But, when you're still living with your ex, it does present some obstacles, for sure."

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