You'll Never Guess How Anderson Cooper Is Trying to Get His Sons to Bond

In a new late-night interview with Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper explained why he was worried about his two kids not getting along.

By Mike Vulpo Apr 07, 2022 6:03 PMTags
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Parents, you don't have to try this at home.

There's no doubt that Anderson Cooper wants his two sons—23-month-old Wyatt and 2-month-old Sebastian—to have a strong sibling relationship. But in a new interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Anderson shared the unique way he's planning to make it happen.

"I've started doing this thing with Wyatt where we both sort of make fun of Sebastian. I mean, not in a bad way," he told Stephen Colbert on April 6. "I started doing this thing when Sebastian's crying, Wyatt will look at me and I'll look at him and I'll go, 'Wah! I'm a baby. I'm crying, I'm crying.' He likes it. And now he does it too." 

And before the unofficial parent police comes for Anderson, the CNN host said it's only a temporary strategy until Sebastian understands what's going on.

"Of course I'm going to stop it," Anderson said while laughing. "Every day, there's a little bit more advancement. [Wyatt will] now come and hold Sebastian's hand while I'm feeding Sebastian…he also took the bottle and started feeding Sebastian himself."

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The journalist recalled his own childhood with older brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper. To this day, Anderson still remembers pictures that showcase a not-so-cozy bond with his sibling.

"When I was growing up, when I came, my brother was like two years and four months older and every childhood photo I have is I'm very happy as a little baby and my brother's chewing the inside of his lip," he shared. "With Wyatt, I've gone a different tact. I'm doing a slow roll with Sebastian. I didn't want Wyatt's life to suddenly cataclysmically change."

One friendship that appears to be thriving is Wyatt's bond with Andy Cohen's 3-year-old son Ben. While celebrating April Fool's Day, the pair posed on the set of Watch What Happens Live as the show's new co-hosts.

While Andy assured his followers it was all in good fun, Anderson said in his latest interview that their BFF-bond is very much real.


"What I love about this photo is it is so exactly like mini-me versions of Andy and I," he said. "Ben is just smiling like he's the host just like Andy—always happy and stirring s--t. And whenever I'm a guest on Andy's show, I'm staring at him with some confusion like why did I agree to be here? What am I doing here?"

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