Drew Barrymore Reveals She Slid Into This TikTok Star's DMs

Drew Barrymore fangirls just like the rest of us! On E!'s Down in the DMs, the Hollywood icon shared who she's obsessed with and dished on chatting with a certain TikTok star.

By Allison Crist Apr 05, 2022 3:31 PMTags

Allow E! to remind you just how relatable Drew Barrymore is. 

The talk-show host appeared on the April 5 episode of E!'s Down in the DMs and revealed that she, too, "fangirls" over certain celebrities. "I slid into Gigi Hadid's DMs," Drew admitted. "I just was like, 'I love you! If you're ever around, I would love to hang out.'"

And Gigi isn't the only star Drew likes to chat with. "I've been DMing with Charli D'Amelio, which is so fun," she said of the TikTok personality. "I'm a fangirl of hers."

Even as a self-proclaimed "dinosaur with tech," the actress, 47, said she just can't resist the fun of a DM slide. "It's crazy you can just reach out to anyone," Drew added, urging anyone who's ever wanted to do the same to bite the bullet and go for it, "What have you got to lose? They don't answer you back? Some of them don't to me, too, so don't feel bad!" 

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The mindset is especially important when you're sliding into a crush's DMs. As Drew put it, "Who needs dating apps when you've got DMs?"

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Drew admits that she could be better about making the first move online and IRL. "I'm old-fashioned," the single star said, "and I'm always waiting for the guy to make the move. You can see how well that's going for me!"

To hear more from the actress and learn her "DM Drews or Don'ts," watch the full Down in the DMs episode on YouTube.

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