Elle Fanning Admits She Was the "Worst" to Big Sister Dakota Fanning When They Were Kids

In a new interview with Porter, Elle Fanning opened up about her relationship with big sister Dakota Fanning and discussed the possibility of sharing the big screen.

By Mike Vulpo Apr 04, 2022 11:00 PMTags
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Oh sisters, you can't live with them and you can't live without them.
Before becoming a household name herself, Elle Fanning watched as her big sister Dakota Fanning tried to navigate her newfound fame thanks to roles in films like Uptown Girls and Charlotte's Web.

Instead of lending a hand when overzealous fans spotted Dakota, Elle confessed to being a little less than the model sister.
"I wasn't getting recognized, but I was part of the madness," Elle shared in Net-a-Porter's Porter magazine. "I'd be like, ‘Dakota! Dakota!' to try and make it happen. I was the worst."
Older and wiser, Elle now has a new appreciation for her sister. In fact, the pair live around the corner from each other and continue to navigate the craziness of Hollywood together. "We are very, very close," she said, "and we balance each other out in a very specific way."

Famous Celebrity Sisters

Despite the duo's bond, there is one task they have yet to accomplish as a team. Despite many years in the industry, Elle, 23, and Dakota, 28, have never worked together on-screen.  

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, the sisters were due to start filming the World War II movie The Nightingale, but now, the project's future remains up in the air. Instead of rushing on another collaboration, both sisters are being patient and waiting for the perfect project.
"It's a very rare and special thing that we both do this," Elle said. "We can't have the first time over again, so we want it to be the right thing."
Besides, Elle has her hands full portraying Michelle Carter in Hulu's new original series The Girl From Plainville. She also recently set up a production company, Lewellen Pictures, named after her family's late dog.

"For so long I've wanted to go behind the scenes," she said. "In Hollywood right now, there are so many women—like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman—who are doing that, and when I've talked to [them], they've said, ‘Acquire your own material; find what you love and try to make it happen.' We can break the mold of, ‘Am I going to get picked for this part?' and tell our own stories."

Perhaps one will be with her sister!

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