Kelly Ripa Gives Her Honest Take on Ryan Seacrest's Relationship With Aubrey Paige

After meeting Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend, Aubrey Paige, Kelly Ripa shared how she feels about the relationship. And the verdict is...

By Kelly Gilmore Apr 04, 2022 9:01 PMTags
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Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend has received the Kelly Ripa stamp of approval.

On the April 4 episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly shared that she'd had an intimate birthday celebration for her husband, Mark Consuelos—but that the main attraction of the night was not the birthday boy.

That honor went to Ryan's girlfriend, Aubrey Paige—or as Kelly calls her, "the most exciting guest that came"—who even made it into the birthday toast!

"We're all happy you're here," Kelly joked to Aubrey while toasting Mark, "and that you exist because we weren't sure there was somebody."

This is seemingly the first time Kelly has met Ryan's new special someone, and she admitted she was starting to have some suspicions.

Kelly teased, "We were starting to be like, 'Maybe he doesn't have a special person and maybe we should check in on him more often?'"

However after the celebration and official meeting, Kelly has gone "on record" to say she more than approves: "If you two breakup I'm going into seclusion. I am so fond of her."

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest's Friendship

And while Kelly had her questions about Aubrey's existence, Mark had some questions about Ryan and Aubrey's height difference.

Ryan shared on the April 4 broadcast, "Mark pulled me aside at the beginning of the night. He said, 'Can I ask you a question?—She's really tall. She's taller than you, and much taller in heels. How does that work?'"

"He had that dead-serious look," Seacrest continued. "He was so confused. He was like, 'When you walk together, who's arm goes where?'"

Mark may be confused on their arm placement, but it seems no one is uncertain about whether Aubrey is a great match for Ryan.

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Prior to Aubrey, Ryan dated chef Shayna Taylor, but in June 2020, a rep for Ryan told E! News the pair had closed the chapter on their romantic relationship.

The source said, "They remain good friends, each other's biggest supporters and will always cherish their time together as a couple."