Why Cole Swindell's Down to the Bar Tour Is Well Worth the Whiskey

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, country singer Cole Swindell shared new details about his life on the road and how his girlfriend Courtney Little makes some cities more adventurous.

By Mike Vulpo Apr 01, 2022 1:00 PMTags
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Pack your bags, country music fans! It's time to take a trip down to the bar.
As excitement continues to build for Cole Swindell's upcoming album Stereotype, the country singer is preparing to wrap up the latest leg of his headlining tour on April 3.  
"The whole production is like you're in a bar," Cole exclusively shared with E! News. "My keyboard player is actually behind what looks like a bar with beer taps on it. My drummer's on a riser and they built a pool table for my bass player where it looks like he's playing on top of a pool table. It's a neat setup. If anybody gets a chance to come out and see us, it's a production I've never had."

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He's also introducing his loyal fans to new songs as he celebrates his first album in more than three years. While attendees will hear all the favorites like "You Should Be Here" and "Ain't Worth the Whiskey," the new tracks are already receiving a positive reaction.

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"I want them to hear the album a little early," Cole teased. "We've slipped in a few songs that aren't even released yet like a song called ‘She Had Me at Carolina' that's really been getting an unbelievable reaction. It's our little spin on the ‘90s country classic hit ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California' that all the country fans love."
Along for the ride during part of the tour is Cole's girlfriend Courtney Little. Together for six months, the pair enjoys exploring new cities in between performances. And while the former NBA dancer can't make every show because of work commitments, Cole appreciates her support.
"I'm just glad when she's out there," Cole shared. "I think just having her there with me and not having to call her after the show to tell her how it went is nice. Just to walk to the stage and she's gonna be right there when we get off is a great feeling. Having her there is also nice because I'm not going to be exploring by myself a whole lot. When she's there, she's also finding all these little local spots."

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From city to city, Cole travels on a bus with the same driver he's had his whole career. The Atlanta Braves superfan watches Netflix or sports in his free time. He squeezes in some time for the gym, which is set up in a trailer. Plus, he sleeps like a baby after a hard day's work.  


"The bus is just like a home on wheels. I sleep better on it," Cole explained. "The vibration of the road just kind of brings you right to sleep."
While the Down to the Bar tour with special guests Travis Denning and Ashley Cooke may be wrapping up, Cole has several additional concerts planned throughout the summer. And regardless of when you experience his show live, the 2022 CMT Music Awards nominee has a special message for those who score a ticket.

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"I think my music is my chance to relate to people and let them know I'm just like you," he explained. "I'm just a normal dude from South Georgia that gets to do what he loves."

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