Fran Drescher's Dating Horror Stories Are Hilariously Relatable

Fran Drescher teases her Mr. Mayor guest appearance with Ted Danson and why she can relate to her character's dating nightmares.

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Watch: Ted Danson Gushes Over Working With Fran Drescher on "Mr.Mayor"

Ms. Drescher is about to make her Mr. Mayor debut.

Fran Drescher is making a hilarious guest appearance on the March 29 episode of NBC's hit comedy Mr. Mayor, and the former Nanny star is spilling behind-the-scenes details on working with fellow sitcom legend Ted Danson.

"I had a really a wonderful experience. I mean the whole thing is really like a triple-A-level show, which is so refreshing," Drescher told E! News in an exclusive interview ahead of tonight's episode. "I always wanted to work with [creator] Tina Fey, I'm a very big fan of hers. I haven't ever worked with Ted but we always run into each other at events."

Drescher plays Angelica, a famed TV commercial actress, who has a fling with Danson's character.

"I loved that the character that they wrote for me was kind of out there and sexy and free and living her life her way," Drescher explained. "It's not the norm that they write a woman who's 60 necessarily that way. So I really responded very favorably to that."

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Unfortunately for Danson's character, Angelica is on a post-breakup "trampage" of one-night stands. Drescher admits she can "without question" relate to the character's situation.


"I mean, not right now in my life," she said, "but you know when I first got divorced and I was in my early 40s, forget about it. I was like the animal let out of the zoo." 


Drescher also has her fair share of hilariously relatable dating horror stories.

"I've been on dates with guys who we got into a fight about how we would raise this imaginary kid that we were never gonna have because we clearly were completely different people who would have different styles of parenting," the SAG-AFTRA president shared. "Anybody that ever says anything that even suggests or hints at any kind of prejudice of anybody, that is like, ‘OK I have a headache, we're not even gonna order dinner.'"

When it comes to online dating, Drescher revealed, "I tried one app once and I found that none of the guys seemed to be honest about how they presented themselves. They weren't as successful as their profile suggested, some of them smoked."

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She continued, "All in all I think that they kind of fudge their age, they fudge their accomplishments. And although I've been with guys who weren't as successful as I am, I've learned the hard way that it's fun for a while but then but then eventually they begin to resent you for paying for everything and for having more than they have and for being more successful than they are. It starts to chip away at the male ego. So I'm not gonna do that anymore because it's too painful for me. I don't wanna be resented for my success."

Drescher concluded, "I think I'm at a place right now where I'm just beginning to want to stick my toe back in the water and put the word out there to look for me. After my last relationship and certainly through COVID, [I went through] a period where I kind of got more into having a relationship with myself and that's been going very well."

Don't miss Drescher's Mr. Mayor appearance tonight, March 29 at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

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