Storm Reid Recalls the Euphoria Scene That "Really Bothered" Her

Storm Reid detailed the difficulties of filming Euphoria and expressed hope for the upcoming season in an interview with E! News.

By Cydney Contreras, Spencer Lubitz Mar 28, 2022 6:44 PMTags

Storm Reid is crossing her fingers that Gia will get some healing in season three of Euphoria.

Though the show's focus has been on Zendaya's character Rue, Gia's big sister, for the past two seasons, Storm hopes that the upcoming episodes will shine a light on what Gia's been through too. "I think in season one it was a lot of Rue's problems on the front line and her struggles being depicted," she explained in an interview with E! News.

Once Rue hits rock bottom—she begins doing heroin and is held captive by her drug dealer—the troubled teen recognizes how her addiction is impacting her sister, Storm says: "You can see that she's getting fed up with Rue in season two." 

But Storm wants to see the sisters mend their rift, saying, "I hope that we get some reconciliation with a lot of things and I hope Gia gets to show her personality more and how she feels about things."


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This would seemingly be healing for both the character and the actress, as Storm admitted that portraying their relationship took a toll on her. "Once you call cut and say it's a wrap for the day, I'm usually able to go home and be fine, but I spent a lot of time thinking about what we shot after the fact," she reflected. "I think it really bothered me."

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Storm looked back on filming episode four, in which the family stages an intervention, sharing that it felt all too real in the moment. "That's your true raw emotion of what's going on in the scene and to see [Rue] kick down that door and scream at me and like us tussling, I was just like, ‘Oh my God, I don't want to do this anymore,'" she explained. "Like I'm tussling with my sister."

However, the actress is able to see the good that comes from the show, saying, "that's a part of the reason why we make Euphoria, to be relatable and to try to put a hand out to somebody and say, 'Hey, we know what you're going through.'"

It will likely be some time before fans get to see what show creator and writer Sam Levinson has next in store for the characters though.


Though HBO ordered a season three in February, the stars of the series are already booked and busy, with Zendaya set to appear in Dune: Part Two, and Sydney Sweeney and Eric Dane filming National Anthem.

And Storm has her hands full too. In addition to being an actress, the teen is in her first year of college at the University of Southern California, where she rooms with Natalia Bryant, and continues to work with PacSun on her ArashiBluCollection. So, a break isn't necessarily a bad thing—at least, for Storm anyway.

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