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Yesterday, tweens everywhere lost a Jonas Brother (at least it was only Kevin), and Twitter did what Twitter does—addressed the breaking news with plenty of exclamation marks.

Naturally, the obligatory "congrats!!!" came from the boys' peers Miley, Demi Lovato and Jordin Sparks. So it was up to the more seasoned Twitterers to address this weighty situation properly.

Nia Vardalos tweeted one for the older ladies: "Kevin Jonas is engaged. I am one pissed off cougar."

And Diablo Cody celebrated the event with a zing: "Kevin Jonas is engaged! Next: Nick Jonas gets engaged way better." Hey-o!

In other news, people are tiring of the constant Michael Jackson coverage, especially after Bubbles the Chimp was interviewed on CNN last night. But at least John Mayer has jokes to deal with it: "There is so much news coverage on Michael Jackson, last night Anderson Cooper interviewed the tiger from the "Thriller" album cover."

Even MC Hammer had to express his irritation with the situation: "OK now CNN is back where I like them.. NEWS !!! Miss you Bud ! I said Bud...not Bubbles!!!"

And finally, everyone needs to take like two minutes out of their day and tweet Lindsay Lohan a "Happy Birthday." The poor birthday girl was missing a special someone right before she officially turned 23 at midnight, and then Zoë Kravitz had to beg the Twitterverse to send Linds birthday wishes. So do it! Lindsay needs our attention/help!

Or if you don't want to give Lindsay your Twitter attention, give it to us @eonline.

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