Cobra Kai Co-Stars Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand Are Dating

Fear does not exist in the dojo of love! Cobra Kai stars Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand have made their relationship official.

By Steven Vargas Mar 23, 2022 10:43 PMTags
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It was love at first kick.

Cobra Kai's Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand confirmed to TMZ on March 22 that they are officially a couple. Jacob shared outside LAX that they've "been dating for a while."

"We had fun on set and then hung out off set," he said.

When confronted with the question, the 22-year-old joked, "You caught me bro." He shared that he had known Peyton since he was 15 years old and was close to her brother, Spencer List. He added, "That was kind of awkward having to be like, 'Hey man, I like your sister.'" 

Peyton, 23, also confirmed the romance with a firm "yeah" and head nod when TMZ asked her about the relationship. The two also shared that being in the Netflix karate show together did not scare them off of starting the relationship. 

Peyton teased, "I'm like, think about the consequences later."

Jacob isn't too worried about any repercussions if the romance turns sour either, confirming that no matter what, he'd stay. "I've never dated anyone I work with before," he said. "I don't know, it's kind of like trial by fire almost."

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The martial arts duo even joked about who would win in a fight. Both agreed Peyton would come out the champion with her incredible roundhouse kick, which Jacob said is her best move.

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Before Peyton, Jacob frequently posted his ex Serena Pullen to his Instagram. Meanwhile, Peyton, a former Disney Channel star, previously dated Shameless actor Cameron Monaghan from 2017 to 2019.

With season 5 of Cobra Kai dropping on Netflix later this year, there will be even more of Peyton and Jacob for fans to see.

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