Ian Somerhalder Adorably Bragging About Nikki Reed Will Make You Believe in Love at First Bite

By Allison Crist Mar 22, 2022 6:12 PMTags

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are one fang-tastic couple.

Vampire Diaries alum Ian made an appearance on E! News' Daily Pop, and while he may have broken a heart or two when he revealed that there are currently no plans for a revival of the CW show, he mended them by raving about his Twilight star Nikki ahead of their seventh wedding anniversary

"It's such a special time, because this is a big one," Ian said of the upcoming commemoration. "I mean, this is seven years. It's a long time."

The couple, who are parents to 4-year-old Bodhi Soleil, plans to celebrate in a big way—a quick big way, that is. "Just having family and scheduling everything, it [will be] like a quick strike mission," Ian explained, "just me and my honey going to [a] super secret, really badass place, get our time in and we're back."

When he says "badass," he means it. The pair has a shared affinity for adventure and traveling and got to know each other over a campfire rather than a candlelit dinner. "I think the first three years we were together, I think we spent, like, 125 days out on my land in Georgia camping," Ian said. "Think about that! Those are big numbers." 

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And if anyone can live off the land, Ian said it's Nikki. "I have never met a more resourceful human being," he gushed. "I think together, with our combined skills, we could live forever on an island. You can drop us on an island, and we would be okay." 


For now, Ian and Nikki are content traveling in their RV. "We were in the Airstream world, which I love, but it's so much smaller with kids, dogs and the whole thing," Ian said, explaining that they now have "this amazing Fleetwood."

He continued, "I geek out on this stuff. So many people come up to me and they go 'Wow, you're really excited about this stuff. And I say 'Yeah, when we're not at home or in the office, we live, you know, in the woods. This is what we do." 

Hear more about Ian's adventures on Sun Outdoors' YouTube series, Campfire Convos.