The Bachelor: Live On Stage May Just Be the Dramatic Journey You Needed

As part of E!'s Backstage Pass, Bachelor Nation's Becca Kufrin and Andrew Spencer shared a sneak peek at what fans can expect when they decide who gets a final rose.

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Watch: Becca Kufrin & Andrew Spencer EXCITED for Bachelor Live Tour

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The most dramatic rose ceremony is coming to your hometown. 

After Bachelor Clayton Echard's wild journey came to an end earlier this month, fans were left wondering what to do on their Monday nights. As it turns out, the franchise has a unique experience any viewer can be part of. 

From now through May 1, Becca Kufrin will host an interactive night of fun where one incredible man from a recent season serves as the on-stage Bachelor. What comes next is an evening full of roses, competition and surprises.

All the Candidates to Be the Next Bachelorette

"For so long, Bachelor Nation was watching the show from behind the television screen and now they can actually feel like they're following the entire journey and they can yell and cheer and scream and help our Bachelor of the week hand out roses," Becca exclusively shared with E! News. "We like to call it the ultimate watch party."

In the first week of shows, Andrew Spencer (from Katie Thurston's season) was the designated on-stage Bachelor—and the live event was like nothing he's done before.

"When you get down to the final two roses and you cut someone who may be a fan or a crowd favorite, they'll let you have it," Andrew joked to E! News. "I'm definitely better at just receiving roses then giving them out."

But when looking back on opening night, Andrew and Becca remember the final rose recipient was a mother of two who had the support of her husband in the audience.

"That's what makes it different from the first time around," Becca shared. "You don't have to be single to come up on our stage because it's not like you're going to fall in love or get engaged. It's so much more light hearted and fun and that's my favorite change of the entire thing. Our stage is for anyone." 

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Man of the Hour

The Bachelorette's Becca Kufrin serves as the host for The Bachelor: Live On Stage. "She is the heart and soul of this whole thing," Bachelor Nation alum Andrew Spencer told E! News after serving as the tour's first Bachelor. "Without her, I would be completely lost. She makes life easy for me."

Pick Me

For those hoping to secure a spot on stage, Becca has some advice. "Once the doors open, there's a full casting team in the lobby," she said. "We're asking anyone who wants to come up on stage to go meet with our casting team there and then they'll just answer a few quick questions." If you make a great first impression, Becca may be calling your name when it's showtime. 

Let the Games Begin

Anything can happen when The Bachelor goes live. "We have a certain structure of the group dates and the rose ceremonies, but beyond that, we never know what the girls on stage behind this will be saying or what they'll be doing," Becca shared. "We never know what the audience is going to be saying either."

Ladies First

"It's all about giving back to the fans," Becca said. "That's at the end of the day why we're here. We wouldn't be here without Bachelor Nation. We really just want to give them the most entertaining show possible." 

Helpful Hint

After Andrew's time comes to an end, Bachelorette stars like Ivan HallConnor Brennan and James Bonsall will take over. "My advice would be listen to Becca," Andrew joked. "She's gonna lead you in the right spot and just have fun with it. Just be able to get loose as much as possible and just have fun."

Surprise Guests

You never know who is going to show up any given night. In the first week of shows alone, familiar faces like Bachelor in Paradise's Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin made unexpected appearances. "My boyfriend Thomas Jacobs was there and he'll be making an appearance quite a bit throughout the tour," Becca teased. "Any show that somebody from the world of Bachelor lives in, we want on our stage, whether that's handing out a day card or playing one of the group date games along with us." 

Winning Strategy

"I've always loved trying to put a smile on someone's face," Andrew said. "That's one thing that we're definitely going to do. We're bringing audience members up here. Your voice is heard here. You will scream and yell and I guarantee I'll hear it. I look forward to it every night."

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