Christine Chiu Reveals Her Regrets From Upcoming Bling Empire Season 2

After finishing filming for Bling Empire's second season, Christine Chiu exclusively revealed to E! News what fans can expect—including lots of discord in front of the cameras.

By Amanda Williams, Gabrielle Chung Mar 21, 2022 8:32 PMTags
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All that glitters isn't gold.

That's how Christine Chiu would sum up the upcoming second season of Bling Empire, which she exclusively told E! News at the Hollywood Beauty Awards on March 19 that she had finished shooting "exactly two days ago." While she teased that fans can expect some "interesting" and "heartfelt stories" in future episodes, Christine—who is both a star and executive producer of the hit Netflix reality series—admitted that filming with her castmates was "not always fun" this time around.

"I take a lot of the hits just for the overall benefit of the show," she confessed. "I wish I was a little bit more selfish and I could just be like the one who comes up on top, but I feel like I'm always looking at the bigger picture. I want the show to be a hit."

When asked about who has beef on the new season, Christine candidly replied, "Everybody."

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She continued, "I don't like that at all. I really, really thought we would escape that and we would be the one show that doesn't have any discord, but no such luck."

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In fact, the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery co-founder described Bling Empire's second season as the "upside down" version of its first.

"They're opposites," she shared. "The first part of season two was filmed while we're still kind of in the heat of the pandemic, so we're not going to be jetting off to Morocco." 

However, she assured that season two will still have "the glam and the clothing and the fabulousness" of its predecessor. "Couture week is always a constant, she noted, "so you'll see that every season."

As for the show's comparisons to Crazy Rich Asians, Christine said she welcomes them because it brings more awareness to Asian culture and increases "visibility for Asian-Americans."

"I feel that that is the biggest motivation for me to continue on this project," she explained, adding that she hopes to "normalize" diversity on-screen. "Asians can be crazy too!"