Love Is Blind's Shayne Jansen Reveals Incredible Fitness Transformation

Love Is Blind star Shayne Jansen shared before and after photos of his progress after working out consistently for the last year: "I can finally say I truly love myself."

By Lindsay Weinberg Mar 17, 2022 11:48 PMTags
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Love may be blind, but it's very easy to see these gains. 

Shayne Jansen revealed the progress he's made over the last year as he's changed his fitness journey. "It's amazing when you prioritize yourself and you look as good as you feel," the Love Is Blind star wrote on March 17 alongside transformation photos. "I've come a long way in a year and I can finally say I truly love myself." 

Co-star Nick Thompson seems to want in on the action and commented on his latest gym photos to quip, "Maybe I should finally agree to workout with you."

Shayne has already teased that some of his gym sessions include a "model walk" on the treadmill, but we're gonna need him to drop the full workout regimen.

In addition to his path toward self-love, he's also found another kind of love over the last year, starring on season two of the Netflix reality show and even getting engaged to Natalie Lee. As viewers saw, the pair had a blow-up the night before their wedding, leaving Natalie to turn him down at the ceremony. 

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However, during the reunion, they revealed that they tried to give their relationship another chance after filming. Ultimately, as Shayne said, "It was too fresh."


Not to say there's any bad blood on his end. "You are the most beautiful soul and you really brought out the best in me as a man," he wrote about her on Instagram last month. "As a man watching our story over again I'm remorseful for my actions and all I can do is learn from them to be a better man."

Shayne said he was proud of being "vulnerable" and as "genuine" as possible. "I don't know what's next for us," he added, "but I do know that I will never stop loving you."