7 Revelations From Anna Delvey’s Call Her Daddy Podcast Interview About Inventing Anna

A little over a month after the world got a glimpse at the life of Anna Delvey, a.k.a Anna Sorokin, in Netflix's Inventing Anna, the 31-year-old is opening up in another rare interview.

By Kisha Forde Mar 16, 2022 8:56 PMTags
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Anna Delvey may have spent quite a while sipping on champagne, but now she's spilling the tea.
Thanks to the much-buzzed-about Netflix series, Inventing Anna, viewers have been fascinated with following the story of 31-year-old Delvey a.k.a Anna Sorokin (played by Julia Garner), who managed to convince New York's elite that she was a German heiress for approximately four years.
In case you haven't watched, here's quick recap of what you need to know: In 2017, Anna was arrested and charged with defrauding or intentionally deceiving major financial institutions, banks, hotels, and acquaintances for a total amount upwards of $275,000.
Two years later, she was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison after being convicted of attempted grand larceny, larceny in the second degree and theft of services, and is currently facing possible deportation. Additionally, she was acquitted of two charges: one being attempted grand larceny in the first-degree, regarding a $22 million loan she was set to obtain, and the charge of larceny in the second degree, relating to a $62,000 bill allegedly covered by a friend.

Anna Delvey's Biggest Bombshells About Inventing Anna

Fast-forward to February 2021, when some of the supposed sequence of events behind those alleged nail-biting claims served as inspiration for the Shonda Rhimes drama miniseries.

Now, during her recent appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, published March 16, Anna is giving fans a glimpse into what she considered fact and what she said is just plain ol' fiction:

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 1. Did She Really Lie About Her Family's Background and Status?
According to Anna, looking back now, she can admit that she may have. "I guess I did," she said. "I mean, I cannot tell an exact instance, but I'm sure. But all of that—I never, like, told any senseless lies." 

2. Does She Feel Any Guilt About the Fallout Between Her and Her Ex-Friend Rachel Williams?
As viewers may recall, Anna's friendship with her friend Rachel Williams started to go awry when Rachel was allegedly forced to cover a $62,000 bill while they were away on vacation in Morocco in 2017. During a 2019 trail, a jury found Anna not guilty of larceny in the second degree, in relation to the incident.
"I was always saying it's a really unfortunate situation," Anna told Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper. "And, like, I never said, ‘I'm so awesome and I did nothing wrong,' and it was just, like, a really unfortunate situation. I did let her pay it—and I knew there was a chance I could not repay her, but like for me at that point, I was going to go through with my project and everything was going to work out."


She added, "So, for me to tell Rachel, ‘Hey, maybe there is a chance I'm not going to pay you back,' it would be the same for me to admit, like, my project is not going to work out. It would be equal to admitting failure on a bigger scale."

3. How Does She Envision Her Life If She Were to Get Deported Back to Germany?

Although she may be facing deportation, Anna views the possibility as a chance to simply start anew somewhere else. "Well, hopefully that won't happen," she said. "I mean, I can go anywhere else in the world. It's not like I have to stay in Germany."
4. Does Anna Truly Consider Herself a "Con Artist"?
For Anna, the answer is a resounding "absolutely not."
"I never, like, intended to permanently harm anybody, you know?" she said. "I literally cannot come up with a single example where I'm like, ‘Yeah, let me f--k this person over and they'll never see their money ever again.'"

5. Did Anna Really Overdose As Portrayed in Episode 8 of Inventing Anna?
In episode 8 of the Netflix series, Anna's character is accused of faking a suicide attempt while staying at the Chateau Marmont in an attempt to extend her U.S. Visa—a scene that says was completely made up for the show.

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6. Would She Really Marry Kanye West for a U.S. Green Card?
Yes, you read that right. Back in February 2021, Anna supposedly tweeted that she would say "I do" to the Grammy winner in exchange for a change in her citizenship status. And although it may have been a joke, it's become even stickier since she's since become friends with his now-ex, Julia Fox. "That was a joke, that tweet," she said. As for how she feels now? "I don't know," she added. "He doesn't seem to be getting the best reviews, so I don't know."

7. Why Does She Think People Are So Captivated by Anna Delvey?
For Anna, your guess is as good as hers. "I really don't know, because I'm really just being myself," she said. "It wasn't something that I created...It was just really a surprise to me that people would be, like, so interested in the way I went about the things because it just made so much sense to me."