Dove Cameron Shares What It’s Really Like Working With Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson

Dove Cameron exclusively told E! News that working on her upcoming film Good Mourning With a U, which co-stars Machine Gun Kelly, Pete Davidson and Megan Fox, was a "novel experience" for her.

By Steven Vargas Mar 15, 2022 11:05 PMTags

Dove Cameron is descending into a new era. 

The "Boyfriend" singer exclusively told E! News' Daily Pop that working on her new movie Good Mourning With a U with Machine Gun Kelly, Pete Davidson and Megan Fox was "one of my most favorite projects ever."

"I became an actor because I wanted novel experiences and I was like, 'this is gonna be a novel experience,' Dove said. "I was like sobbing on the final day." 

She described the film as a "classic throwback stoner comedy." According to Deadline, the film was co-written and -directed by MGK and singer Mod SunGood Mourning is the duo's second project together, following their 2021 film, Downfalls High, with Sydney Sweeney and Chase Hudson, also known as Lil Huddy.

"It's such a fun role because it's really like all of these boys and these different musicians," Dove said. "It's kind of like group of friends that know each other really well, and then like me along for the ride basically the whole film." 

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Dove says MGK and Mod Sun had her in mind for the role since its conception, and that they approached her over FaceTime to pitch the project.

"[MGK] told me that he had apparently been writing this movie with me in mind for years," she said. "And I was like, 'What? I didn't even know that you knew who I was.' We'd never met before. So I was really kind of floored."

The unexpected connection led to a dream project for Dove. "I fell in love with absolutely everybody on that set," she says. "That was really amazing."

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Dove will also star in the upcoming film Vengeance, B.J. Novak's feature directorial debut, with co-stars Novak, Issa Rae and Ashton Kutcher

Outside of acting, Dove is busy making new music as a solo artist and says she didn't expect her latest single, "Boyfriend," to get the traction it did.

"We weren't being so critical of it and we just accidentally ended up writing a very honest recount of an event last year," she continued. "I have no idea why it's taking off like this but it's really amazing—really touching."

She said the experience has allowed her to approach music without overthinking it.

"I wasn't even sure if it was ever going to be released if I'm honest," she said. "So I've come to realize... that's probably how I need to think of all of my songs when I'm going into right in the studio because it really removes that sort of critical eye."

She was particularly anxious about releasing the song because she considers it her own queer anthem

"The fact that there's a queer anthem that I have my name on, that I wrote that is on the radio, breaking through to the general public—my mind is blown as someone who grew up as a queer kid with not very much queer representation." she said. "It feels amazing. I'm very, very touched."