Minx Is the Sex Positive TV Show We've Been Waiting For

New Girl's Jake Johnson stars opposite Ophelia Lovibond in the new HBO Max series Minx, which follows two characters as they launch an erotica magazine.

By Cydney Contreras Mar 14, 2022 10:00 PMTags
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Consider this one positive step for sex-positivity!

HBO Max's new series Minx may be set in the '70s but it feels incredibly relevant in this day and age. The TV show follows ultra-feminist Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond) and Hugh Hefner-wannabe Doug (Jake Johnson) as they launch a female erotica magazine with the help of a housewife, a porn model and the occasional mafioso. 

Like in any workplace comedy, they hit their fair share of roadblocks, but Ophelia recently told E! News that the biggest challenge is Joyce's inability to tap into her sexual desires. "Obviously, this is 1972 and Joyce has got to where she has by operating a certain way," the actress shared, "and she's terrified of relaxing in case that compromises her."

And while it's a "difficult" task for Joyce to overcome the "idea that sexuality would mean weakness," Ophelia said, "It was fun to play her gradually relaxing into that and then indulging it and then discovering that she can be both [sexual and smart]."

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It was also important to highlight that—news flash—women really do enjoy sex. Ophelia said that women are seen as "passive" participants in their own sex life, musing that it's "as if sex is something that happens to us."

Photograph by Katrina Marcinowski

But when it comes to men, they're regarded as naturally sexual beings, with Ophelia pointing out that "seeing a woman masturbate on the screen is still something that's quite unusual but you see men doing all the time." She added, "I don't know why really, because it happens."

Minx tackles this issue with casualness and comedy, showing that Joyce can balance her sexual desires with her intellect in a truly relatable way. And though the show highlights the need for empowering young women like Joyce, Minx is also a great take on the beloved workplace comedy—albeit one that you won't want to watch with your parents.

And while Jake may be biased, he promised, "It's a really good television show."

"I want people to understand these characters and think that they're real," he continued. "And what I really hope happens is people feel like they know these people like you do in shows you care about and want to see what they do."

And more important, Ophelia said, "I want them to laugh."

The first two episodes of Minx premiere on HBO Max Wednesday, March 17.

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