Your First Look at Dylan McDermott's FBI: Most Wanted Character

Dylan McDermott is heading to CBS' FBI: Most Wanted on April 12. But we’ve got an early look at his new character!

By Jillian Fabiano Mar 11, 2022 10:10 PMTags
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Dylan McDermott has always been one of our most wanted.

Fittingly, the actor will join season three of FBI: Most Wanted—starring Roxy Sternberg and Keisha Castle-Hughes—starting on April 12. The actor shared a peek at his character on Instagram March 10.

The black and white photo features the smoldering 60-year-old actor sitting on a TV set chair with the straight-to-the-point caption, "#fbimostwanted April 12th."

McDermott's character will be joining the crime show's Fugitive Task Force as their new leader, following the onscreen death of Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon).

So how does his character measure up to Jess?

In an interview, showrunner and executive producer David Hudgins says the two characters are quite different by design.

"We were thinking it should be somebody who does have a different style than Jess, somebody who has a different outlook, maybe approaches the cases in a different way," Hudgins told TVInsider

He continued, "But ultimately just like Jess, is motivated by justice, by getting the fugitive in every episode."

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Mudgins also teased that they're "building out an arc for his character and an arc for the team and the other characters that will hopefully all intersect by the time we get to the finale." 

In the meantime, fans of the series definitely approve of McDermott's casting. "Yay! I can't wait and ready for the next chapter!" one fan wrote. "So happy you're going to be on this show now. I love it and loved you on Organized Crime," another added.

One user noted, "The boy knows how to take a dramatic photo." That he does! 

While we wait for McDermott's arrival on April 12, tune into season three of FBI: Most Wanted every Tuesday on CBS.

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