Courteney Cox Goes Mad In the Makeup Aisle In This Shining Vale Clip

Things are getting fuzzy for Courteney Cox on the March 13 episode of Shining Vale on STARZ. Watch the exclusive clip now!

By Daniel Trainor Mar 11, 2022 4:00 PMTags

Courteney Cox is learning that things aren't always what they seem—at least not in Shining Vale, Connecticut.

In this exclusive clip from the March 13 episode of Shining Vale on STARZ, Pat—played by Cox—is having an embarrassing time in a drug store. Hey, we've all been there!

When Pat's real estate agent Robin (Sherilyn Fenn) surprises her while she's trying on lipstick, she's left looking like the Joker in the middle of the cosmetics aisle.

The timing turns out to be perfect, though, as Pat has some questions about the home in Shining Vale that Robin sold to Pat and her husband Terry (Greg Kinnear).

"Is there something that you forgot to mention about the house you sold us?" Pat asks Robin.

Ever the perky realtor, Robin has an answer for everything. "Of course she has stories to tell," she persists. "Every life leaves a mark! Secrets and old clocks! Broken lockets! Hidden staircases!"

"Those are just Nancy Drew titles," Pat contends.

It pays to be a bookworm! 

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The something that Pat is referencing is a triple murder-suicide that happened in their new home, which Pat is now convinced is haunted by a ghost named Rosemary (Mira Sorvino). Not exactly a great "welcome to the neighborhood!" gift.

The show finds Pat attempting to revive her marriage and writing career, while attempting to make sense of the strange happenings around her. 

In the clip, Pat picks up a medication that the pharmacist warns may have possible side effects "including hallucinations, sleepwalking, blackouts, memory loss, disorientation."

Perhaps all is not as it seems in Shining Vale

Make up your own mind when Shining Vale airs Sunday night on STARZ.

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