Chlöe and Halle Bailey Get Real About How They Empower Each Other When “Doubting” Themselves

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Chlöe and Halle Bailey opened up about imposter syndrome, self-doubt and how leaning on one another “means the world.”

By Alli Rosenbloom, Kelly Gilmore Mar 10, 2022 11:00 AMTags
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For Chlöe Bailey and Halle Bailey, the power of sisterhood is like no other.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, the sister duo reflected on the impact they have on each other. Halle opened up about suffering with imposter syndrome as she navigates her impressive singing and acting career, noting that Chlöe's encouragement helps her through.

"It just feels so surreal to be doing meetings [with] all these people that I'm such big fans of and sometimes you feel like you have imposter syndrome," said Halle, who will soon play princess Ariel on the big screen. "Chlöe was lifting my spirits up the other day like, ‘No, you're meant to be in there too.' I think that's just so powerful and so special to have someone like her in my life where she can just remind me of that."

Halle continued, saying that Chlöe helped shape her even when they were younger.

"My sister empowers me every day just by being herself and watching how hard she works," Halle said. "I think that I've always had a great example in her growing up of what I would like to be and what impact I would want to have on people.

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Sharing the same sentiment, Chlöe told E! News that she can count on Halle whenever she is feeling unsure. "Anytime I'm feeling discouraged, or like if I'm doubting myself, Halle will be the first one to make me snap out of it," the "Have Mercy" artist said. "I'm so grateful to be on this journey of life with her, because there's so many moments where I do doubt myself and my capabilities. Having someone who knows every single bit and piece of me encourage me, it means the world every single time."

Taking their talents and encouragement to new heights, the "Forgive Me" singers recently embarked on a fresh project. Halle and Chlöe served as mentors for two young filmmakers from Neutrogena Studios First Frame Program Powered by Ghetto Film School. The two films to come out of the inspiring program, titled EN AVANT and IF MY VOICE RANG LOUDER THAN MY SKIN, debut under Neutrogena Studios on March 10 on YouTube.

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"The reason why we ended up choosing Sarah Jean [Williams] and Kyra [Peter's] films is because it just resonated with us the most," Halle said of the film selection process. "I mean, we got chills on both films and I think they did such a beautiful job of narrating how to kind of find freedom in being in the skin that you're in."

Beyond the selection process, Halle noted that their personal experiences have molded how they approached mentoring. "My sister and I, we're really sensitive creatives," she shared. "We know what it's like when people comment on our stuff so we tread lightly. We try to be very gentle with the way we talk about other people's art because at the end of the day, it's their beautiful stories that they're telling."

As far as embracing their new role as mentors, the pair looked back on their time being mentored by none other than Beyoncé. Halle said with a laugh, "I think Beyoncé is [in] a time in her life where she just can just bestow such wisdom. I don't know if I'm personally there yet."

Well, based on their new inspiring projects, it seems they're already well on their way to shaping the next generation.