Siesta Key's Juliette Porter Explains Why She Really Broke Up With Sam Logan

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Juliette Porter’s co-stars Chloe Long and Amanda Marie Miller also shared their honest reactions to the Siesta Key split.

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There's always more than meets the eye in Siesta Key. 

As new episodes of MTV's reality show return on March 10, viewers will be watching in hopes that they can get some answers as to what went wrong in Juliette Porter and Sam Logan's relationship. But in an exclusive interview with E! News, the JMP The Label designer shared new details about what led to a very public breakup.

"I learned so much from this relationship with Sam and just this whole season," Juliette told E! News. "I think that you really have to put yourself first sometimes and focus on what's important to you and what you want in your life and the values you want in a person that's in your life."

According to Juliette, she had to break things off with Sam because "it just wasn't working."

"We weren't connecting," she added. "I was getting emotionally drained. He didn't have the same thoughts as me on anything. He wasn't supporting me. And ultimately, you just have to put yourself first above what other people want from you."

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While the reality star admits that the next few episodes will be hard to relive, she appears to have the support of many of her co-stars including Amanda Marie Miller and Chloe Long.


Amanda says she was disappointed to see Sam sharing details about the breakup online, leaving fan sites to speculate about who caused the split.

"He just put this whole narrative on social media and blasted everything and made everything so public and made everything so much harder," she said. "We were all really close and really good friends and then all of a sudden, he just does a complete 360 because they break up and we're like, ‘Where did this come from?'"

Chloe added, "There's a part of me that was hoping Sam would maybe change and by change, I just mean growing up a little bit—maybe partying a little less, maybe hanging out with friends a little bit less, maybe having more of a purpose in life other than just to spend your money and go out to dinner and drink. I quickly realized a lot faster than Juliette did that that was never going to happen."

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These days, Juliette has found happiness with a new boyfriend named Clark Drum. They went Instagram official in October and most recently attended Chloe's wedding to Chris Long.


"It came out of nowhere, and it's the type of relationship I deserve," Juliette said. "He's calm, he doesn't have a huge ego, he supports me. It's a give-and-take relationship. It's not just constantly me giving and I'm just happy and I feel like I'm at peace." 

And after being on the show for four seasons, Juliette knows that the truth always comes to light. The swimsuit designer and her friends are confident that viewers will get the full story.

"You really get a behind-the-scenes of what actually went down with that breakup," Amanda teased. "I think it's important that everybody sees since Sam wanted to make it so public."

Juliette added, "Sam's the type of person that has never changed and probably never will. He's 30 years old and he's been acting the same way since he's been 18. I think that was part of the reason that I kept my cool through the situation, which you'll see. I actually expected nothing less from him... If this is the way you want to go about it, then it's gonna end up looking worse on you than it does on me."

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