Why Leighton Meester Isn’t Officially Closing the Door on a Gossip Girl Return

Gossip Girl fans, brace yourselves: the one and only Leighton Meester isn’t ruling out a return as Upper East Side's queen, Blair Waldorf. See what she had to say about joining the reboot.

By Kisha Forde Mar 09, 2022 1:42 PMTags
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Is Blair Waldorf putting the "B" back in Queen B?
Well, according to Leighton Meester—who, as fans know, played the It Girl of the Upper East Side in the original run of Gossip Girl—she's open to the idea of a possible return for the HBO Max reboot.
"Yeah, I don't know—I mean, you know, I'm doing a junket today, this has been asked a couple times, I'm going, ‘I don't know maybe,'" she told Fox 5 New York in a recent interview. "I will say, you know…I've watched the new one, I do think it's really awesome."
And although she's not closing the door on reprising her character, Leighton—who shares two kids with husband Adam Brody—did express an appreciation for the series as a loyal viewer this time around.
"You know, I do feel like—I'm happy for them," she said of the new cast. "I feel like they're doing a whole new thing… and I don't think that we don't fit in but—or I can only speak for myself—I don't feel like I fit in."

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"But I will say…I feel really good sort of sitting back and leaving it to the kids," she continued. "To the young, new generation, they're doing so awesome."

And true to her character, the actress left us wondering just a little more with her final answer: "So, that's all I'll say for now, you know. You never say never."

The actress, who stars in Netflix's The Weekend Away, also recently gushed to Elle about watching the reboot through a completely different lens.

"It was such a...is it weird to call it iconic when you're in it?," she told the outlet earlier this month. "It really is so evergreen. Still, young women will come up to me and I'm like, ‘Wow, you were not born when we started.' It's interesting that it can continue to be something that means a lot to even this generation. And so, the fact that they can capture some of that magic while making it its own thing is quite a feat and really cool."
So, fingers crossed and plenty of XOXOs for that possible plan sometime in the future.