Here's What Went Wrong With Clayton Echard's Season of The Bachelor

By Allison Crist Mar 08, 2022 7:25 PMTags

Clayton Echard may have been there for the right reasons, but according to Becca Kufrin, his season of The Bachelor was all wrong from the beginning.

The former Bachelorette provided her expert analysis on Clayton's journey to find love during E! News' Daily Pop on March 8, just a day after The Bachelor's explosive Women Tell All special. There, Clayton was less-than-enthusiastic about his experience thus far, exclusively telling E! News, "Even though it really shocked me to my core, and I went through a lot, and I had extremely dark days, and I questioned whether or not it was worth it, it will only be worth it if I convince myself that it was."

Clayton's ominous response was the latest in a series of remarks that imply he wasn't satisfied with his time on the show, but until the two-part season finale kicks off on March 14, we won't know for sure how his journey ends.

Becca, for her part, doesn't see Clayton getting a happy ending. "I don't think he's engaged from the sounds of it, I don't know," she said on Daily Pop. "I have talked to him several times and I don't even think he knows what's going on, so it'll be interesting next week."

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If Clayton is as confused as Becca thinks he is, does that mean he wasn't prepared to actually fall in love? Not exactly. The way she sees it, "Clayton was in a very bad position" from the start because he went straight from Michelle Young's season of The Bachelorette to his season of The Bachelor, meaning he had "no idea" what people were saying "behind the scenes." 

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Becca continued, "So he went in, I think, truly wanting to find love and find a partner, but in a very naive sense and not knowing that there was gonna be extra drama and all this cattiness."

And boy was there a lot of both. "He had a very rough bunch of girls, I would say. Catty girls," Becca added. "I think that they were just extra this time around too, so it's like the odds were kinda stacked against him."

Then again, she said, "no one knows how to date 30 people."

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Clayton's stint on The Bachelor isn't over quite yet, though. Teasing what's to come, Becca assured fans that "he finds his voice a bit more." 

"So I'm a little bit proud of him," she added, "but it's gotta be hard. I feel for him."

Hear more from Becca in the above Daily Pop clip before she embarks on The Bachelor Live On Stage Tour.

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