Clayton Echard Asks Teddi to "Release" Alleged DM From His Brother After Bachelor: Women Tell All

Clayton Echard joined Bachelor Nation fans in their request to see Teddi Wright's DMs after she revealed that his brother allegedly messaged her on The Bachelor: Women Tell All.

By Cydney Contreras Mar 08, 2022 3:58 PMTags

The bro code is really being tested.

On Monday's The Bachelor: Women Tell All, Teddi Wright shocked viewers when she revealed that Clayton Echard's own brother allegedly slid into her DMs after she was sent home. "I didn't reply," she said, before adding, "One Echard boy in my lifetime was enough for me."

But it seems that no one would fault Teddi for seeing where things could go with Clayton's bro. Even host Jesse Palmer suggested, "Maybe you just met the wrong brother!"

While viewers were unable to witness Clayton's reaction in real time, the Bachelor took to Twitter to join the chorus of Bachelor Nation fans demanding that Teddi release the receipts. "Both of my brothers have been vehemently denying sliding in the DMs," he shared. "So Teddi, please give the people (including me) what they want and release the DMs."

And before people could attack Clayton for doubting her, the reality star said, "Let me just clarify here…I 1000% believe Teddi. There's absolutely no way she made this up at all."

The Bachelor Season 26: Women Tell All Moments

It's unclear which of Clayton's siblings sent the message or even what it said, but we're betting it wasn't Nate, who also tweeted, "RELEASE THE DMs TEDDI."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

So, that just leaves Patrick, who just so happens to be one of Clayton's harshest critics. During a March 3 appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, the Bachelor shared that he watches the show with his brothers every Monday and without fail, Patrick finds something to lovingly criticize him about. "Most times he's just bashing me and tells me I have terrible game and that he would do way better," Clayton revealed. "I would love to put him on TV and have him showcase his ability."

What's more is Patrick seems to think he'd be a better Bachelor, with Clayton sharing, "He thinks he's so smooth. I'm like, ‘Let me give you five minutes on camera and see where you go.'"

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Of course, being the lead is harder than it looks. Clayton previously told E! News that he thought he was "mentally mature" enough to navigate dating multiple women, but he said, "Then, you get into it and you're like, 'How did I think I was going to be able to handle this? Dating this many women at one time.'"

As the season finale approaches, a source told E! News that Clayton is nervous about how fans will react to the dramatic ending. "Clayton is so concerned with how things will play out," the insider shared, "he even reached out to former Bachelors Matt James and Nick Viall for their advice and support."

The next episode of The Bachelor airs Tuesday, March 8 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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