Lucy Boynton Offers Rare Insight Into Her Relationship With Rami Malek

Lucy Boynton reflected in a recent interview on how she felt when Rami Malek announced his love for her during his Oscar acceptance speech in 2019.

By Kelly Gilmore Mar 07, 2022 9:32 PMTags
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And the award for best declaration of love goes to…

In an interview with You magazine published March 6, Lucy Boynton shared what was going through her mind when boyfriend and Bohemian Rhapsody costar Rami Malek announced his love for her during his 2019 Oscar acceptance speech.

At the time, Rami professed, "Lucy Boynton, you are the heart of this film, you are beyond immensely talented, you have captured my heart."

Lucy's reaction? "It sounds so silly but I was really unaware of the public element of that." Lucy said in the interview. "You're just absorbing, millisecond by millisecond, what is happening, and then suddenly you hear the applause and you realize it's been a public moment, which is slightly strange."

In a 2019 interview with The Cut, Lucy shared that despite having "blacked out" at the time, she remembers the moment with fondness.

"Him winning for his performance was like winning for the tip of the iceberg of everything he had done," she gushed. "You kind of forget that there are hundreds of other people in the room."



Rami Malek & Lucy Boynton's Cutest Moments

Rami, who played Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, and Lucy, who portrayed his girlfriend Mary Austin, began dating after meeting during production. Aside from Rami's public declaration of affection, the couple are quite private.


Lucy told The Cut that her experience with the media has led her to want a more reserved romance.
"I had an interview recently where I was asked such crude and candid questions about my relationship," she said. "It kind of forced me to pull way back."
While Lucy has pulled back, the pair has certainly not pulled away from each other. They were spotted giving subtle PDA while on a run to the bookstore in April 2021.