Cynthia Bailey Reveals the One Thing "Nobody Talks About" on Big Brother

By Allison Crist Mar 04, 2022 11:13 PMTags

Being cut off from the outside world and stuck in a house with people you're competing against presents its fair share of problems.

Such was the case for Cynthia Bailey on Celebrity Big Brother, although one problem stuck out in her mind more than others, she revealed during E! News Daily Pop on March 4: "I didn't have sex for 37 days, to be exact."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum married Mike Hill in Oct. 2020. While she couldn't hear from him throughout her stint on CBB's third season, Cynthia explained that she could send messages out. Therefore, she added, "I kept making sure that they let Mike know, 'Do your push-ups! Be ready for me! Because I don't know when I'm leaving, but when I get out of here, it's on.'"

Cynthia was one of the last remaining contestants this season, making it all the way to the final three—which is "a whole 'nother story," according to her—and she said she found it "crazy" that "nobody talks about" the sex aspect. 

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Well, at least not on the Celebrity iteration of Big Brother. "No one had sex in our house," Cynthia revealed, "but I did hear that they have sex on the real one!"

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

What you can expect to see on both versions of the show is drama. Cynthia found herself in a bit of a feud with Todd Bridges this season, and at one point, Mike even started to weigh in on Twitter. 

Thankfully, "everything is cool" now, Cynthia said, "We had a moment because I voted to keep Teddi Mellencamp in, who was a part of my alliance, and he got on the block last minute...it was a mess and [he] was in his feelings I didn't vote for him. I'm like, 'Todd, I'm not even in your alliance!'"

From there, things "escalated" and Cynthia's alter-ego "50 Cynt" came out. "And you know the rest," she added with a laugh. "But we're good now."

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Cynthia's not leaving the small screen, though. She stars in a new Lifetime movie called Cruel Instruction, premiering March 12 at 9 p.m. 

Hear more from her in the above Daily Pop interview!