Every Time the Love Is Blind Reunion Had Us Screaming at Our TVs

The Love Is Blind season two reunion premiered March 4 on Netflix, and with it came even more drama than we were expecting. Take a look at all of the shocking moments here!

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Grab a gold wine glass and a bottle of rosé, you're going to need it. 

The pods may be closed but the flood gates are open. During Netflix's Love Is Blind season two reunion—filled with laughs, name-calling, and a lot of tears—the cast members got candid about their time on the reality series. 

The six couples—including Nick and Danielle, Shayne and Natalie, Shaina and Kyle, Shake and Deepti, Jarrette and Iyanna and Mallory and Salvador—sat down with hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey to discuss the highs and many, many lows of their experiences on the show. 

Right out of the gate, like, literally one minute in, Shake started the reunion off in "victim mode" as Shayne called it. And from there, it was all downhill. 

For anyone that needs a refresher, we last saw the love birds during the season finale as they walked down the aisle and contemplated whether or not they wanted to say "I do" to their partner. But the only two couples to make it through their vows were Nick and Danielle and Jarette and Iyanna.

Love Is Blind Season 2: Where Are They Now?

And now, during the reunion, Shaina and Kyle discussed their short-term engagement, Natalie and Shayne gave us an update on where they stand now and Shake revealed the only person he is actually attracted to on the show. And trust us, it is not who you think.

Scroll through to see every shocking moment we saw during Love Is Blind's season two reunion.

Shake Revealed He Doesn't Think the Show Is About Finding a Wife

We're pretty sure Shake is confused about what the purpose of Love Is Blind is.

"This show is about finding love," Shake said. "It's not about finding a wife, it's not about rushing into something...skipping steps like three through 20 to get to the end of the show."

Uh, that's actually exactly what the show is about. 

Shaina Said She Felt “Manipulated” By Kyle's Proposal

Though Kyle intended to make Shaina feel "special" by proposing with his mother's engagement ring, Shaina didn't take it that way. 

While she noted that she "felt confused in the pod," Shaina revealed that she "felt a little manipulated" by the situation.

But Kyle said that if he had been in Shaina's shoes, he would've been "so honored."

Jarette Called Shake "Fake as F––k."

This is when things really started heating up. After telling Shayne to "shut up," and saying that people who were "so real in the beginning" became "fake as  f––k," Jarette had had enough.

"You've been fake as f––k," Jarette said to the House DJ Veterinarian. "You've been the fakest person from the beginning."

"I'm the realest Jarette," Shake responded." I keep it 100, bro."

But Jarette fired back saying, "You came on here for all of the wrong reasons and you know that. Everybody can see through how shallow you are." 

"You think so?" Shake asked. "I know so," Jarette responded.

Iyanna Urged Shake to See a Psychologist

Iyanna got Deepti's head nod of approval on this one! 

"Shake, I think you would seriously benefit from seeing a psychologist," Iyanna told him. "And kind of figuring out some coping skills to navigate relationships as a narcissist."

"I think you're going to continue to damage relationships," she added. 

Kyle Said He Wishes He Proposed to Deepti Instead of Shaina

Well, this was a plot twist!

During the reunion, Kyle revealed that he regrets not proposing to Deepti over Shaina. 

"I should've asked Deepti to marry me," he said. "That's what I learned the most, I f--ked up."

"I should've tried hard for you," Kyle explained to Deepti. "I mean, I love her so much, she's the best. I wish I saw what was right in front of me." 

Danielle Revealed That She Has a New Wedding Ring

We're officially crying happy tears.

Danielle revealed that over Christmas, Nick's uncle surprised her with his great grandma's wedding ring.

"I felt like I was proposed to all over again," she gushed.

Shake Said He Is Attracted to Vanessa

Watch out Nick, Shake is coming to steal your girl! 

"We all have our physical preferences," Shake said. "Every woman here is beautiful...I'm not attracted to all of you."

He continued, "Unfortunately, the only one I'm attracted to is Vanessa."

Natalie and Shayne Revealed They Dated Again

All hope might not be lost on this couple! 

"We gave it another shot after our wedding day," Natalie revealed. "We dated again without the pressures."

"It was too fresh," Shayne added.

Jarette and Iyanna Shared That They Had Sex in Mexico

Things got steamy and it wasn't just the Mexican heat! 

"You were waiting until your wedding day, and you kept your promise?" Vanessa asked the couple.

"If I'm honest, we had sex in Mexico," Iyanna revealed with a laugh. "It was just one time," Jarette added.

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