Kandi Burruss Shares Everything You Need to Know About Her New Show Kandi & the Gang

Yum! Kandi Burruss' restaurant is up drama, workplace romances and plenty of Mama Joyce on the new Bravo series Kandi & the Gang. Get the scoop.

By Brett Malec Mar 04, 2022 5:00 PMTags

Things are getting messy in Kandi Burruss' restaurant, and we're not talking about the food.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is dishing about her new Bravo series Kandi & the Gang, which follows the happenings inside Old Lady Gang, Kandi's family restaurant in Atlanta.

"On Kandi & the Gang you're gonna get plenty of laughter because my family and the people that work in my restaurant, they are all like walking comedians," Kandi told E! News in an exclusive interview ahead of the Mar. 6 premiere. "Of course, you're gonna get your share of drama and emotional moments. I think the thing about Kandi & the Gang is, because my family is a part of the restaurant, it can be a bit stressful at times."

Kandi said the craziness goes "next level" when her outspoken mother, Mama Joyce, inserts herself into the restaurant drama.

"When she starts getting involved in the messes going on in the restaurant they can be like, 'OK, I don't need you as involved here,'" Kandi said with a laugh. "Because my mom be giving out her phone number to some of the staff and trying to get them to give her the gossip in the restaurant, which is like, 'Why are you always trying to meddle in what's happening with this gossip?'"

Meet the Cast of Kandi & the Gang

While Kandi says all of her OLG employees "are always causing drama," it's her trusted consultant Phillip Frempong who weathers the most storms with staffers.

"Phillip ends up in the midst of a lot of arguments because we hired Phillip to help us get everybody back in line, because people were just doing what they wanted to do at our restaurant," she shared. "He's kind of hardcore, so he bumps heads with all of them because he's right in a lot of the situations."

Another employee that has people talking is hostess Shawndreca Robinson, who according to Kandi, is the subject of many of the restaurant's not-so-nice Internet reviews.

"That same attitude that people have talked about in reviews, she brings it on the show," Kandi said. "Shawndreca is a trip."

There's even a workplace romance between bartender Dom'Unique Variety and OLG manager Brandon Black.

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"I have mixed feelings about that," Kandi said. "It's really against our rules. It's in our rule book that they're not supposed to be dating within the restaurant...Brendan and Dom, they really hit it off. But Todd and I, we met in the workplace, obviously, and we're married and happy so I feel like it's kind of hypocritical of me to try to stop them. But Todd is like, 'No, they cannot be both dating and working in this restaurant. They're gonna have to be separated. Maybe we have to put one in a different location or something.' So we go back and forth about that."

Watch an exclusive preview of Kandi & the Gang above!

Kandi & The Gang premieres this Sunday, Mar. 6 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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