Kelly Clarkson Is All Of Us After Seeing Colin Farrell’s Shocking Batman Transformation

For the upcoming film The Batman, Colin Farrell sports a jaw-dropping transformation for his villainous role as the Penguin. And even Kelly Clarkson couldn't breakaway once she saw the image.

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There's no missing a moment like this.
In the upcoming flick The Batman, set for release on Mar. 4, Colin Farrell takes center stage for the supervillain role of the Penguin. However, it isn't just his acting chops that have everyone, including Kelly Clarkson, doing a double take.  In fact, Colin's costume transformation was enough to make Kelly stand upright in utter shock during the actor's March 3 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

"Wait, WHAT?" Kelly said as she jumped up after seeing a picture of Colin in character. "I didn't see that picture, oh my god. I just heard that you were Penguin. What the hell?" Referring to the movie's makeup artist, she added, "That person deserves to win awards."
To be more than fair to Kelly, after seeing the photograph—her reaction is downright relatable considering Colin is unrecognizable as the mobster boss. We're talking way more than just wardrobe, since his look includes slicked back hair and facial prosthetics fit for—well, a villain.

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"The first time I saw the makeup was when he [makeup artist Mike Marino] had done a mold of my face and I saw it on a screen—on Matt Reeves' [Batman director] screen," Colin shared. "He said, ‘Do you wanna see what Mike Marino's done, what he thinks Oz is gonna look like?' And I said, ‘Yeah,' and he showed me the screen, and I just didn't know it was going in that direction."

And as an added touch, Colin also recalled having a response that maybe only Batman would say (without even realizing it). "I went, ‘Holy Smokes,'" he continued. "I'd never done anything like that before."

And if you're wondering how long it took to slip into the world as one of the enemies of Gotham City—it was quite the painstaking process.
"At the start, four hours," he told Kelly of his time at the beginning of filming. "And then they got it down to two, and it was fine. Cause I knew that the reward was immense. It was extraordinary, it was so liberating."

Trust us, you'll also be left saying "Holy Smokes" after watching the interview above.

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