Dua Lipa Sued for Allegedly Copying "Levitating" From Reggae Band

Dua Lipa is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit for her single, "Levitating." In the suit filed by Artikal Sound System, the group says the song sounds "substantially similar" to their 2017 track.

By Kisha Forde Mar 02, 2022 3:32 PMTags
Watch: Dua Lipa Sued for Allegedly Copying "Levitating"

Dua Lipa's hit single has levitated to a legal space.
According to court documents obtained by E! News on Mar. 2, the 26-year-old singer is currently facing a copyright infringement lawsuit for her 2020 hit single, "Levitating." In the docs, the group members of Artikal Sound System, a reggae band from Florida, filed the complaint against the pop star, along with her label, Warner Records.
In the lawsuit, filed in a Los Angeles federal court, the band states that Dua's hit is "substantially similar" to their 2017 single, "Live Your Life." Although the group does not provide exact detail on how the singer and her team were able to allegedly copy their song, their complaint states, "In 2020, on information and belief, Defendants listened to and copied ‘Live Your Life' before and during the time when they were writing ‘Levitating.'"

"Given the degree of similarity," their claim in the docs continued, "It is highly unlikely that ‘Levitating' was created independently from ‘Live Your Life.'"

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E! News has reached to Dua's reps for comment and has not heard back. E! News has also reached out to Warner Records for comment.

Warner Records

"Levitating," which was released in October 2020 from Dua's album, Future Nostalgia, proved to be a smash hit for the singer, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. After spending more than 41 weeks on the charts, it also became the longest-running Top-10 song ever by a female artist, according to Billboard.

Artikal Sound System's single "Live Your Life" stems from their 2017 EP, Smoke and Mirrors.