Heather Dubrow Teases a Disastrous RHOC Dinner Party With Dr. Jen and Her Husband

By Allison Crist Mar 01, 2022 8:22 PMTags

A Bravo backfire.

Heather Dubrow may be in the business of fixing bad relationships on E!'s 7 Year Stitch, but it sounds like her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Dr. Jen Armstrong isn't interested in her services. 

She revealed as much during E! News' Daily Pop on March 1, explaining that she met newcomer Dr. Jen around the same time she and her husband Terry Dubrow started filming 7 Year Stitch. The TV special sees the couple attempt to save struggling marriages, and since Jen and her husband have been dealing with their own martial issues this season on RHOC, Heather called the timing "a life imitating art situation."

"I just adore her and felt terrible about what was going on with Jen and her husband," Heather said of Jen and husband Ryne, the latter of which left their home after an emotional discussion on the Feb. 16 episode of RHOC. So, Heather decided to try and help.

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"This week on the show, you're going to see I throw a dinner party," Heather teased, "and I invited Jen and her husband over with a couple of other couples to show them, you know, what functioning couples look like. And I'm gonna let you see how well that went."


Heather didn't give too much away, but she did call Jen "controlling." 

"And I say that with a lot of love because so am I," she continued. "But it was very difficult for her. She's a doctor, she's got a veneer and for her to step out of that comfort zone and share was a really big deal for her. My heart just broke for her."

Hopefully Heather and Terry will have better luck with the couple on 7 Year Stitch. After all, if anyone's well-equipped to help, it's them.

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"We've definitely had our share of challenges," Heather said. "I would say out of our 25 years, we had one really nasty year where it could have gone south but I think that we were still obviously in love with each other and wanted to work on our marriage and figure out what the problems were. I think sometimes it's very easy for couples to just give up and walk away."

Unfortunately, that may be the case for the pair on 7 Year Stitch. "Here is what is so crazy," Heather began. "We separate them for seven weeks because we do a full body, mind, soul makeover—internal, external—to make them their most confident, best versions of themselves...We're hoping to stitch them back together."

"But sometimes," she continued, "when you make someone that confident, best version of themselves, sometimes they're like, 'Yeah, you know what? I'm good. I'm done with you. Bye.'"

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Will that be the case for numerous couples? Tune in to E!'s 7 Year Stitch on March 1 at 10 p.m. to find out. 

Then, catch The Real Housewives of Orange County Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. 

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