Watch Tyler Cameron Get Flirty With Kristin Cavallari While Dirty Dancing

By Allison Crist Feb 25, 2022 10:32 PMTags

Tyler Cameron just might be dancing away with Kristin Cavallari's heart.

The Bachelorette alum stopped by E! News' Daily Pop on Feb. 25 after nabbing second place on The Real Dirty Dancing, and while his moves might not have been enough to win the Fox series, they did appear to woo guest host Kristin.

Her fellow Daily Pop guest host Loni Love was determined to set the pair up, at one point asking Tyler, "Who do you have your sights set on now?" before turning to Kristin and adding, "Could it be that one right there?" 

Based on what he's looking for in a potential suitor, yes: "Someone that, one, is hungry and ambitious, but two, someone who's very family oriented."

"That's big for me," Tyler added. "And three, someone just ready for an adventure."

At that point, it was hard to deny that Kristin fit the bill. As E! News' Justin Sylvester put it, "I'm picking up what he's putting down!"

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Joining Loni's matchmaking mission, Justin also pointed out that Tyler is "not scared of a strong woman," something that Kristin acknowledged is "hard to find" these days. 

Best of all, Justin and Loni suggested Tyler show off some of the moves he learned on The Real Dirty Dancing—with Kristin, of course. 

Watch the pair get down in the above Daily Pop clip!