If Your Life Feels Like Pure Chaos, These 21 Under $50 Things From Amazon May Help

From home organizers to self-care must-haves, we put together a list of affordable things you could use if your life feels a little chaotic right now.

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Who here feels like staying zen is easier said than done? We all have moments when we feel like life is total chaos. It can hit you when you're trying to make a snack in the middle of the afternoon and you realize your fridge is a total disorganized mess, or you're getting ready to pick up a date and you notice your car is full of random junk you needed to throw away like yesterday. Not to mention, seeing your checking account under a certain number can also make you feel like you don't have it totally under control. 

Since we're all about finding products that can change your life for the better, we searched all over Amazon for thing that can help make your life feel a little less chaotic. Whether you're looking to organize your pantry or bedroom, or you just need some things to help you unwind after an overwhelming day, you're sure to find something that's helpful to you. 

With that said, check out our finds below. 

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Black Script Bathroom Organization Labels - 192 pieces

When it comes to keeping your things organized, labels can be super helpful. This pack of bathroom labels comes with 192 labels in a "casual script look." You can put this on jars, bins, etc. to make it all look cohesive. There's a label for all the bathroom essentials including cotton balls, first-aid, grooming items, makeup and lotions. 

Talented Kitchen 157 Kitchen Pantry Labels for Containers

If you liked the set above, you may want to get one for your kitchen! This pack of 157 kitchen and pantry labels are water resistant and feature pretty much every common kitchen item you can think of. These have over 4,800 five-star reviews on Amazon and shoppers are very happy with the look, quality and selection of labels. 

Twone White Cloud Magnetic Wall Key Holder

If you're always scrambling to find your keys before you leave in the morning, this cute cloud-shaped magnetic key holder may be just the thing you need. It was designed to be easy to install as it features a strong adhesive backing. You can stick this anywhere without having to worry about damaging your walls. 

Tile Mate

If you're someone who's constantly losing your keys or wallet, you may benefit from getting a Tile. Just attach this to whatever it is you tend to lose, download the Tile app and you should be able to find your lost item fast. 

Skywin Laundry Soap Station

Little things here and there can make you feel like your life is a mess. For instance, wasted detergent all over your laundry room floor. As much as we love buying laundry soap in bulk, getting the detergent out can get pretty messy if you're not super careful. Thankfully, this laundry soap station will make dispensing laundry soap so much easier. As one reviewer wrote, "I like this! It includes elastic straps to keep the container in place and also has a slight tilt to it so the liquid flows easier. It is really convenient because now there's a little ledge to place the cup for the detergent and it does not end up dripping onto the washer or floor. I only wish I had gotten one much sooner as it has gotten rid of a constant inconvenience of having detergent drip at inopportune times."

Mind Reader Removable Drawers Tea Bag Holder and Condiment Organizer

This tea bag holder and organizer is a must-have for anyone who enjoys drinking a warm cup of tea to relax and unwind. Each section is said to be "generously sized" and there's even extra storage space for sweeteners or other things you may need. You can even choose to get this in black, red or white. 

Blue Monaco Office Supplies Desk Organizer

Keep your desk nice and tidy with this metal desk organizer from Blue Monaco. There are six compartments in various sizes for you to fit pens, books, notebook, tape and so on. It even comes in three cute color options: pink, rose gold and white. 

Bulyzer Grid Wire Board - 4 Pack

This grid wire wall board is great because you can use it for so many things. You can decorate it, clip important notes to it or hang up office supplies or kitchen tools. The possibilities are endless, and you can really get creative with it. There are seven colors available including black, pink and gold. 

Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Home Office Shredder

Sure, buying a shredder isn't as exciting as buying new beauty products, but it is a necessity. That's especially true if you're like us and have a ton of junk mail piled up in a corner. This $35 Amazon Basics shredder has over 121,900 five-star reviews. According to Amazon reviewers, it works as advertised and is "surprisingly" much quieter than expected. Not bad. 

Pots and Pans Organizer for Cabinet

There's just something about a nearly organized kitchen that makes you feel like your life is totally together. This pots and pan organizer for your cabinet is adjustable and made of heavy-duty iron so you know your pots and pans will be secure. 

Cleaning Gel for Car

If dust and crumbs are all over your car, this is one fun and effective product you need in your life. This top-rated cleaning putty will get rid of dust even in hard to reach places like the air vents or around the gear shift. It has over 17,400 five-star reviews and Amazon shoppers say it really gets the job done. According to one reviewer, it worked so well, it made their car look brand new.


GooBloo Large Cotton Rope Woven Basket

This large woven basket can be used for so many things. You can use it to hold toys, pillow and blankets, clothes and laundry. Some people have even used this for their potted plants. Plus, it also just looks good and would make a chic addition to your home. 

Honeycomb Separator for Drawers

As easy as it is to just toss your socks and undies into your drawer, just think of how nice it would be to have it all organized? This honeycomb separator will help you keep your drawers neat, it's super easy to put together and it comes in multiple colors. As you can see, it's also a good way to organize your makeup!

La Jolie Muse Woven Storage Baskets - Set of 4

Woven storage baskets are such a chic way to keep your things organized. As one Amazon reviewer said, this gorgeous four pack of baskets is an awesome way to organize. "I am in love with this product," they wrote. "My life is a lot easier ever since I have it. I organized all my daughters clothes and things in them, and I simply love it."


Clever Fox Budget Planner

Staying on top of your finances and sticking to a budget can help you feel like you're more in control of your life. If you need a little bit of help with keeping track of your spending, consider getting this best-selling budget planner from Clever Fox. It features dedicated pages for financial goal setting, budgeting, expense tracking and monthly reviews. It's a product that so many Amazon shoppers love. In fact, it has over 16,300 five-star reviews!


Calm the Chaos Cards: 65 Simple Practices for a More Peaceful Life

If you feel like your life is pure chaos, practicing self-care and finding ways to stay calm is important for your sense of wellbeing. This deck of 65 cards will help you "calm the chaos" with encouraging mantras and exercises that you can do whenever you're feeling overwhelmed. 

Knock Knock Self-Care RX Nifty Note

Give yourself permission to take some time for yourself with this fun Self-Care RX notepad. It has a good checklist of "prescribed self-care treatments" including meditation, taking a night off, pleasuring reading and quiet time. You can even use this to give to friends who look like they're in need of some me time.

Let That Sh-t Go: A Journal for Leaving Your Bullsh-t Behind and Creating a Happy Life by Monica Sweeney

This super sassy journal created by Monica Sweeney is perfect for those days when you just feel completely done. It was made for you to "find moments of profanity-laced catharsis and joy through journaling activities." It has over 20,200 five-star reviews on Amazon and many say it's hilarious and a great way to stay positive. 

As one shopper wrote, "This book can change your life. I LOVE this book. The exercises are relevant to my life and they encourage me to think deeper and ask myself some important questions. The coloring pages are a nice way to give my brain a break from thinking and just relax. I can honestly say that this book helped me get out of a funk and get my happiness and confidence back. I'm now buying copies for my friends."

Half Gallon Motivational Water Bottle with Sleeve

We all know that staying hydrated is good for your body, but it can also help with your mental health as well. In fact, a 2018 study published in the World Journal of Psychiatry found that drinking plain water is associated with a decreased risk of depression and anxiety. So if you feel like everything in your life is out of control, drinking enough water throughout the day is just one small thing you can do to take back some control. This cute motivational water bottle comes in six colors and patterns, and even feature a sleeve and strap for when you want to take it on-the-go. 

Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

Take some time in the middle of a stressful day to relax by giving yourself a back, shoulder and neck massage. This massager features eight massage roller balls with big and small nodes. There are three speed and strength levels so you can adjust its intensity to fit your needs.

This particular massager has over 27,500 five-star reviews. As one shopper wrote, "I love that you can move this massager around and at different angles to get whatever spot you are working out. I am an athlete and feel there is plenty of pressure. With the handgrips you can adjust the pressure as well. I am impressed with the product and would highly recommend it."

BodyRestore Calm Shower Steamers - 15 Pieces

These best-selling shower steamers with over 3,200 five-star reviews can help you unwind during your shower. It comes with 15 lavender-scented shower tablets, and according to Amazon reviewers, these work wonders at helping you relax. 

As one Amazon reviewer wrote, "These make nighttime showers A DREAM. I get out feeling so relaxed. The scent is plenty strong. Just make sure the water is hitting it, but not submerged. I bought three packs of different scents and I'm obsessed with all of them. I share a bathroom with three guys and if I can be transported to a luxury spa by just closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, you can too."

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