How Lauren Alaina Is Making a Statement With Her Must-See Concert Fashion

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, country singer Lauren Alaina explained how the fashion brand Maurices is making her tour a celebration for real women. “I’m dying to get on the stage,” she teased.

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For the first time in a long time, Lauren Alaina is feeling fine!

Like so many artists, the country singer was devastated when she had to pause on performing live during the coronavirus pandemic. But on Feb. 24, Lauren was able to kick off her Top of the World tour in Silver Springs, Md.

"I have toured for 11 years now and for that to go away was just devastating," Lauren exclusively shared with E! News before opening night. "I am dying to get on the stage. It's a huge part of who I am and my literal existence so for that to be missing for so long, I think it's going to be one big ole' party."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

For her concert looks, Lauren decided to pick out outfits from Maurices, a women's clothing retail store she has shopped at since childhood. Now, she is their first brand ambassador. 

Katie Kauss

When picking out her final looks, the American Idol alum focused on fun and functional pieces for when she takes the stage.

"I'm going to be up there for 90 minutes so my goal on stage is to make a statement, have a bold outfit that feels comfortable and I have a feeling I'll be in a lot of jeans," she said. "I was in Maurices' jeans and I was jumping up in the air and I thought, ‘Well this will work out great on stage' because I have to be able to move around and be comfortable. I think Maurices has done a really beautiful job of having style and comfort mixed together."

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edgely Super Skinny High Rise Button Fly Jean

"I'm really excited to be partnering with Maurices," Lauren told E! News. "I think it's a natural fit for me. They represent hometown women and that's literally what I did. My entire brand, all the music I make, everything that I do, I do to empower women. And that's literally what Maurices stands for."

Long Way Home Graphic Tee

"They have really cute T-shirts and they put puns on their t-shirts," Lauren told E! News. "And I live for a pun." 

m jeans by maurices Everflex Super Skinny High Rise Ripped Jean

"Maurices has been making women feel beautiful and confident for over 90 years," Lauren said. "For me to be able to come alongside a brand like that that's been around for so long, making women feel so beautiful…I remember shopping at Maurices back in my hometown and I'm really excited."

Before she takes the stage to perform huge hits like "Ladies in the ‘90s" and "Road Less Traveled," Lauren is giving fans more backstage secrets of her shows.

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Kick Those Boots Up

Less than a month after being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, Lauren Alaina kicked off her Top of the World tour with special guest Spencer Crandall on Feb. 24.

Best of the Best

During every tour stop, Lauren hopes to honor hometown heroes and treat them to a VIP experience. "When I'm on the road, these people are coming to see me, but I'm just as much coming to see them," she shared. "To recognize and lift up someone that truly deserves it is really exciting for me and I can't wait. That's probably going to be the best part of the tour is when I get to highlight these women who are so deserving." 

Beep Beep

If you're curious to know what the inside of Lauren's tour bus looks like, wonder no more. "I always have to have a pretty big closet in the back because I like to have the tour clothes back there," she said. "I'm gonna have a closet full of Maurices clothing." 

Survey Says...

When the drive is long, Lauren and the band love to have fun by watching new episodes of Family Feud. "I travel on the bus with the band and we're just a big old family out there," she said. "And there's a whole lot of movie watching and shenanigans happening." 

One Final Step

Before hitting the stage, there are a few things Lauren must attend to. "I have a fun little ritual with my team," she teased. "I have a secret handshake with everyone on the team. We individually do our secret handshake like we're in middle school and then we have a group prayer and we make a toast." 

Star of the Show

If there's one moment to pick out in the show that Lauren cherishes the most, it has to be when everyone in the crowd holds up their phones during "Road Less Traveled."

"That song is my baby. It's my first No. 1," she explained. "It's all about female empowerment. And just to bring everybody together for that moment and have those lights lit up as a nod to my career and what I want to say as an artist is everything for me." 

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