Why Francia Raisa Thought She Was Being Fired From How I Met Your Father

Francia Raisa hilariously recalled the time she thought she'd been fired from How I Met Your Father on E! News' Daily Pop. Hear the story below.

By Allison Crist Feb 24, 2022 8:11 PMTags

A classic Hollywood mix-up. 

When Francia Raisa realized she had a missed call from the How I Met Your Father producers, her mind went to one place: "Oh my god, I'm fired."

The 33-year-old actress recalled the moment during E! News' Daily Pop on Thursday, Feb. 24, telling host Justin Sylvester and guest host Kristin Cavallari that she began to panic even more when she attempted to call them back only to hear that they were now busy.

"They finally called me back 30 minutes later after I was sweating profusely," Raisa exclusively explained. "And they told me the news."

No, Raisa hadn't been fired—How I Met Your Father had been renewed for a second season.

"I screamed," she said, calling the news "incredible" and "amazing," especially since it was coming from the showrunners. "Usually it's the reps."

Raisa wasn't the only one thrilled to hear the announcement, though. "We stopped filming right before Thanksgiving so we've just been on a text thread," she said of the cast, which includes Hilary Duff, Kim Cattrall and Josh Peck. "And we've all just been wondering and texting."

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The How I Met Your Mother spin-off is set to receive a supersized second season, during which Raisa will once again play Valentina, Sophie's (Duff) hilarious BFF, who she revealed she personally identifies with.

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As Raisa explained on Daily Pop, "When I first read this role—the minute I got the script—I said, 'I have to play her. I need to do this.' I am her; she is me."

In more ways than one, actually. 

"I've been in a long-distance relationship before," she said, likening the coupling to Valentina's with Charlie (Tom Ainsley), who moved to New York to be with her. "I did some insane things for him, but I convinced him to move to L.A. for me."

Unfortunately for Raisa, the similarities between her and Valentina's stories end there: "We broke up three days later."

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Hear the whole story and more on HIMYF in the above Daily Pop interview!

How I Met Your Father is streaming now on Hulu. New episodes drop every Tuesday.